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  After VMware CentOS full VM clone the network card is unavailable Solutions
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Many people have encountered such a situation, after the CentOS VMware virtual machine cloning completely, the card can not be used, the main cause of the card can not be used after the clone is cloned virtual machine network card MAC address and the element to be not the same (as impossible, as two virtual machine can not communicate), but in the configuration file eth0, MAC address eth1 record is still before the original cloning host MAC.

He flew to Bahrain after the virtual machine clone with a (complete clone), using the ifconfig command found no eth0, eth1 (author virtual machine installed two network cards), but the presence of eth2, eth3 two network cards. But in the / etc / sysconfig / network-script directory but only ifcfg-eth0, ifcfg-eth1 two files.

Why is this so, the author is also a headache for a long time, and later view the information found on the Internet at /etc/udev/rules.d/ directory is a 70-persistent-net.rules documented and the corresponding hardware card information.

After opening found files recorded in four information after comparison found eth0, eth1 corresponding MAC address cloning MAC just below the front of the machine eth2, eth3 information is now the real MAC address, there will be no wonder ifconfig eth2, eth3 two NIC yet.

You know the problem the problem is better handled. Delete eth0, eth1 eth2 where the line changed to eth0, eth3 modify eth1 may be some problems (I shot on the show, after many experiments, the author draws an experience, the original file order is eth1, eth0,, eth2, eth3. we should also be deleted when you change the order eth1, eth2 eth0 after modification as eth1, eth3 modify asked eth0, or deleted after that is the original sequence.)

Save and exit edit fcfg-eth0, ifcfg-eth1 only need to modify the configuration file HWADDR corresponding MAC can be.

The author recommends that the configuration is complete restart the virtual machine.
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