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  Android SDK Manager can not update the domestic solutions
  Add Date : 2017-04-13      
  Now that the GWF, google basic and we say we met, give now to do or want to learn Android Android friend brought a lot of inconvenience, the easiest is Android SDK Manager you can not be updated.

Now there is a solution, as follows.

1. Start the Android SDK Manager, open the main interface, select "Tools," "Options ..." to bring up the "Android SDK Manager - Settings" window;

2. In the "Android SDK Manager - Settings" window, "HTTP Proxy Server" and "HTTP Proxy Port" input box and fill mirrors.neusoft.edu.cn 80, and select the "Force https: // .. . sources to be fetched using http: // ... "checkbox. After the setup is complete, click "Close" button to close the "Android SDK Manager - Settings" window to return to the main screen;

3. Select "Packages", "Reload."

Now look at it, life is not beautiful. Thanks neusoft!
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