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  Android Studio interface-related settings
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Used to the emacs mode of operation, each time using a new editor when the first thought is that this tool has no shortcut to emacs, Android studio is the same.

1. Android studio set emacs is as follows, click on File-> Settings

Choose one of the keymap, select the keymap emacs, so successfully set a good emacs mode of operation:

2. Editor Theme Settings

Select Darcula at File-> Settings-> Apperance-> Theme in

3. The font size settings:

File-> Settings-> Editor-> Colors & Fonts -> Size Set the font size:

4. The line numbers

Android studio default does not display line numbers in the right-left of the file open, select Show Line Numbers, you can display line numbers:

5. Open files are automatically linked to the corresponding directory under note figure that little circle, Scroll from Source, click on this you can make an open file automatically links to the files in the same folder:
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