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  Android Studio Personalization
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Android Studio official release for some time, recently started. For used to use eclipse for me really is not suited to some, here are some of the settings, so some of the more smoothly Android Studio:

1. With regard to project and module

Android Studio's Project corresponds to the eclipse workspace, module corresponds to eclipse the Project. Android Studio Project can not seem to set the default path, and each default to C: / user / xx below, very inconvenient.

2. shortcut set

Configuring difference shortcuts and Android Studio eclipse of the lot, in fact, can be directly put into eclipse shortcut set configuration. File -> settings -> IDE settings -> keymap, select the eclipse can be on the right side of the keymap. Of course, inside the keymap you can also customize the shortcuts.

Tip 3. Code

File-> Setting-> IDE setting-> editor-> code completion, cAndroid Studioe sensitive completion default is none that is the case regardless of the match; to all that is case-sensitive match; firstletter ie matching according to the first letter. Generally use the default none enough.

4. Display line numbers

Setting-> IDE setting-> editor-> appearance, the right side of the page show line numbers checked items.

5. Change the theme and color scheme

Setting-> IDE setting-> editor-> appearance, set on the right theme. Android Studio comes with three distinct themes darcula, windows, intelliJ. Now it seems most people like to use this theme darcula dark tone. Darcula visual effect is as follows:

Although the ratio comes it is much easier. But the feeling with the original vim below monokai color compared to or slightly less. Let the color change manually famous monokai it.

First download monokai color scheme:

Click on the right Download zip:

Download, unzip. In Android Studio file-> import setting select Extract Monokai-Sublime.jar directory, select Import color scheme

You may then need to restart. (Color scheme before importing monokai first theme set darcula, darcula dark background with bright colors monokai be miraculous). Finally, let us appreciate the renderings. Is not much better than the built-in color it?
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