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  Android Studio simple setup
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Interface settings

The default Android Studio gray interface, you can choose to use the cool black interface.
Settings -> Appearance -> Theme, choose the theme Darcula can.

Font settings

System font settings

If your Android Studio interface, Chinese display problems, or select Chinese directory shows a problem, or want to change the font of the menu bar, so to set up.
Settings -> Appearance, check Override default fonts by (not recommended), select a font to support Chinese. I'm using Microsoft elegant black, good results.

Programming font settings

This section will modify the font editor, font contains all the files displayed.
Settings -> Editor -> Colors & Fonts -> Font. Scheme default system display is Defualt, you can not be edited, you need to click on the right of the Save As ..., save a copy of your settings and set them. Thereafter, the Editor Font to set the font.
Show only monospaced fonts to display only a monospaced font, in general, programming monospaced fonts use more, and better.

Settings -> Editor -> Colors & Fonts can also set the color of the font, you can choose to set depending on the object you want to set, and you can download the font color is set to import package from the network.

Code formatting

If you want to set up your code formatting style when displayed, so you can set.
Settings -> Code Style. The same, Scheme in the default configuration, you can not change, you need to create a copy of your configuration.

The default file encoding

Whether it is your personal development, or in the project development team group, we need to unify your file encoding. For character compatibility issues, it is recommended to use utf-8. China's Windows computer, the default character encoding is GBK.
Settings -> File Encodings. It recommended that the IDE Encoding, Project Encoding, Properties Fiels are set into a unified coding.

hot key

Android Studio and Eclipse shortcuts are not the same, but you can use shortcut keys in Android Studio in Eclipse.
Settings -> Keymap. You can select the corresponding IDE shortcut from Keymaps in, Android Studio IDE to support other shortcuts still more and more. It recommended not to use other IDE shortcuts, but the use of keyboard shortcuts Android Studio.

When you want to change settings on a particular shortcut key configuration, you need to click on a copy to create your own keyboard shortcuts, and the above set.
Android Studio default shortcut keys, code hints for the Ctrl + Space, would conflict with the shortcuts system input method, you need special settings.
Main menu -> Code -> Completion -> Basic, Change you want to replace the shortcut key combination.

other settings


Android Studio editing area, there will be a vertical line in the middle. This line is intended to alert the programmer, line of code length should not exceed this line. If you do not want to show this line, so to set up.
Settings -> Editor -> Appearance, uncheck Show right margin (configured in Code Style options).


Show Line Numbers

Settings -> Editor -> Appearance, check Show line numbers.


Show spaces. I used to show spaces, so you can see the indentation is indented tab or spaces to indent. We recommend the use of spaces to indent.
Settings -> Editor -> Appearance, check Show whitespaces.


Check the stitching removed. Personally, I feel useless, so disable the swap.
Settings -> Inspections -> Spelling, uncheck it.


If you're using Git for version control, you need to set up Git installation directory.
Settings -> Version Control -> Git, on the right, select your Git installation directory.


Plug-ins. Android Studio and Eclipse, are supported plug-ins. The default Android Studio comes with some plug-ins, if you do not use some plug-ins, you can disable it.
Settings -> Plugins, right side will show a list of plug-ins installed. Uncheck to disable plug-ins.

I personally disable bit plug-ins:

CVS Integration: CVS version control system, and less than.
Google Cloud Tools For Android Studio: Google cloud with less.
Google Login: Google account login, `Google Cloud Tools For Android Studio ** plug-in required, use less.
hg4idea: Mercurial version control system, and less than.

It should be noted that, if you disable options 2 and 3 will result in the sample can not be used to import official functions (import sample).

You can Browse repositories page, and search for plug-in installation.
I personally install additional plug-ins:

.gitignore support: Git version control system .gitignore document management plug-ins.


Check for updates. Android Studio supports automatic check for updates. When the final version has not been published before, a week sometimes several updates. You can set the type checking to control the type of update.
Settings -> Updates. Check Check for updates in channel, that is opened automatically check for updates. You can disable the automatic check for updates. List on the right, is to update the channel.

Stable Channel: official version of the channel will only get the latest official version.
Beta Channel: channel test version, you will get the latest version of the test.
Dev Channel: development release channel, will get the latest development version.
Canary Channel: Channel preview release, only to obtain the latest preview version.

More than four channels, Stable Channel most stable, relatively few problems, Canary Channel can get the latest version, the problem is relatively high.


Auto Import. When you copy a piece of code from other places to Android Studio, the default Android Studio does not automatically import the references used in this code to the class. So you can set.
Settings -> Editor -> Auto Import, check Add unambiguous improts on the fly.


Sometimes a lot of people running Android Studio will remind you of JDK or Android SDK does not exist, you need to re-set. You need to set the next global Project Structure page. Into the global Project Structure page as follows:

method 1
Select Configure -> Project Defaults -> Project Structure

Method 2
Select File -> Other Settings -> Default Project Structure

Setting JDK or Android SDK directory can at this page.


This is to check your Android SDK. Someone will be on the cards for a long time here, and a big reason is: network connectivity problem. The hosts can be configured to solve. If you examine the need to update, you will need to install it.
If you want to skip this step, you can proceed as follows:
Android Studio bin directory under the installation directory, find idea.properties file, the file appended to the end disable.android.first.run = true.
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