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  Apple Mac computer to install Windows 10 Concise Guide
  Add Date : 2016-09-13      
  Every time you install Windows is a very painful thing on a Mac, had to install Win8 the entire Mac hard drive data is lost, and finally recovery mode to restore the MacOSX system by turtle speed (50M telecommunications fiber downloaded 3 days the system downloaded), I believe, and I have the same experience a few friends.

A few days ago Microsoft released a new masterpiece Windows10, here to write a simple tutorial in order to help you have not installed Windows on a Mac friends to complete the installation.

Step 0 material preparation

Previously installed Windows10, be prepared:

Windows 10 installation image

64 Mirror:

ed2k: // | file | cn_windows_10_multiple_editions_x64_dvd_6848463.iso | 4303300608 | 94FD861E82458005A9CA8E617379856A | /

32 Mirror

ed2k: // | file | cn_windows_10_multiple_editions_x86_dvd_6846431.iso | 3233482752 | B5C706594F5DC697B2A098420C801112 | /

8G U disk or larger do guide

Recommended use USB3.0 high speed U disk, so you can save a lot of installation time.

Step 1 Make a Windows 10 boot disk U

Launchpad in the Open Boot Camp Assistant

Check the Create a Windows 7 or a later version of the installation disk from Apple and download the latest Windows support software, point to continue.

Select the Win10 installation image, select the destination disk, U disk (Warning: see the purpose of Disk Selection is not inserted U disk, do what other mobile hard disk to the formatted).

WOW I did on the day, or a line and later on LOL, Windows10 installation disk U should just do the work.

Step 2 partitions

BootCamp will make us ready to install U disk hard disk partition size to be adjusted to dispense Windows10 install the required disk space.

In this step, there are two situations should be noted that the first one is the direct use BootCamp to install Windows partition we created in this way after you install Windows inside my computer and only one called Bootcamp partition. With this approach, the steps described above, after the completion of the resumption of direct Mac will automatically boot Windows10 installation program, the installation process does not (and can not) make any adjustments to the disk partition, mounted directly to the Windows Bootcamp partition on it .

Here we focus on how to install Windows have multiple partitions.

After completing the above installation U disk production operations do not just restart the Mac, open Disk Utility in Launchpad inside, on the left select the root disk, then select the tab inside the partition tab. Layout, remove other partitions except for the Macintosh.

Partition is the partition layout layout installed Windows after installation time to forget the theme, but this is very much the same meaning, to remove the label is Bootcamp partition, so that the rest of the disk space in Windows Setup as unused disk space .

Restart your Mac and enter the Windows installation program, select the partition when the attention to the selection no partition disk space to create a new partition point.

After the first partition is created, the system automatically separated a size ranging from 60M ~ 200M partition and another partition a large capacity, pay attention to the first partition and do not want to keep the changes, remove the second big scoring area.

Establish a separate partition in the remaining disk space according to their needs.

Then install Windows, after the installation is complete you can use the multiple partitions in Windows.

At this point, Windows 10 successfully installed on the MAC. Next, install the development environment of things, it should be nothing on the issue.

Window installation so the only problem is that you can not bring recovery MAC partition with Bootcamp assistant, if suddenly one day you do not want to use the Windows Disk Utility you must manually have to use the recovery partition.
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