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  Automatic batch resolve dependencies problem locally installed rpm package
  Add Date : 2017-08-31      
  Sometimes you want to install a piece of software, but yum online library which is not found inside the library or yum version is too old. Requiring but the site to download the latest rpm rpm installation file locally, but that will encounter a problem, it is time to install local rpm dependencies often encounter problems. Previous solutions rpm way is to install the web for missing libraries and components, download, and then one by one solution. Finally, install the rpm. But the efficiency of this method is too low, or if the missing component libraries more, then tend to spend a lot of time. In fact, yum command comes with a feature that automatically batch solve local installation rpm file dependencies dependency problems. Use yum localinstall XXX.rpm can.

PS: Also introduced a good search site rpm package. pkgs.org in the above can be found in the latest rpm package. In addition to supporting the search rpm package, it'll also search for debian, Ubuntu, mageia, openSUSE, ROSA, Slackware, ArchLinux the latest software.
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