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  Bash added to the Vi mode indicator
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  With a long zsh the Vi command line editing mode, sometimes trance Where own patterns. As we all know, Vim status line can be displayed indicating mode, in order to illustrate the normal mode or insert mode. If this feature we can Vim zsh transplanted into the body, it would be perfect.

With a man zshzle looked at the documents, I found not difficult to implement, simply add the following to the .zshrc in:

function zle-line-init zle-keymap-select {
     VIMODE = "$ {$ {KEYMAP / vicmd / - NORMAL -} / (main | viins) / - INSERT -}"
     zle reset-prompt
zle -N zle-line-init
zle -N zle-keymap-select

RPROMPT = '% {$ fg [green]%} $ {VIMODE}% {$ reset_color%}'

Explain a little, we set the first variable VIMODE save the default state (insert), then use two widgets zle provided to replace the variable content and redraws the prompt. Then perform zle widgets, and set RPROMPT enable indicator appears on the right.
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