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  Brief Linux commands
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  1. Linux general use format command: cmd [options] [arguments]

cdm: command name

options: Option

arguments: Parameter

eg: ls

ls -l

ls -l test.txt

NOTE: Many options after the command when the following two kinds of writing

ls -l -r test.txt

ls -lr test.txt (when option is especially long time, such an approach is more concise)

2. Call the Help command to view the command parameters Description: cmd indicates a command to view

(1) cmd --help

(2) man cmd

(3) info cmd

eg: ls --help

3. The command "wildcard": Find the sometimes fuzzy query, this time will use wildcards

(1) "*" matches zero or more characters

(2) "?" Matches any one character

(3) "[]" brackets matches any character of

eg: ls test * .txt show all "test" to the beginning and ".txt" at the end of a file or directory

ls test? .txt show it to the back of the beginning of the "test" has a character and to ".txt" at the end of a file or directory

ls test [23] .txt display test2.txt, test3.txt, if the current directory, then the presence of

ls -l test.txt
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