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  Build a super simple "hardware" firewall router
  Add Date : 2016-11-20      
  Some time ago, a lot of places due to the emergence of a virus that attacks the cat Router, resulting in many small local area network users can not share Internet access, so, everyone will chip in to buy equipment waste. To address this issue, the Internet also appeared related solutions in general fall into two categories:

1. buy a router with a firewall, but like us wage earners do not want to spend a few hundred dollars to re-buy equipment.

2. Using a computer as a proxy server, but need a good configuration of the computer 24 hours a day, waste of resources.

In order to solve these two problems, I anxious people are anxious, the struggling Internet query information, and finally came up with a brilliant solution.

BBIagent Software + a discarded computer + 486 + number of a switch card, network cable.

You might say, this method is not new, it is to find a machine to do the router to share the Internet thing, but this is an older machine with it.

In fact, if we look at some research a few hundred or even a thousand better hardware NAT routing firewall might find, whether it is on the device memory or processor clock speed of which may be even worse than 486 computers, the reason why it It can provide good performance is based on its software optimization system enough, load only the necessary components to complete the work, put all the system resources are used in a specific job.

And compared to the case with an ordinary PC to do the routing, routing software is due to the general architecture of a general-purpose operating system, based on which operating system to meet the needs of a variety of work that may be encountered, for various loading drivers and dynamic runtime abound, and where the routing and firewall-related content only a handful, but all this must be diverted limited system resources, so even if your computer configuration may be better than these firewalls, but complete routing and firewall functions on this point, his performance is not necessarily worthy of compliment.

So, if we use those proprietary systems are optimized to operate in our PC, is not it make him a super hardware routers and firewalls do? Even the 486 machine, than those who are right firewall configuration. Moreover, the current value updating of the machine, there is probably your home before buying a 486 or 586 old machines, when thousands bought baby Now if sold as scrap to a hundred dollars, but if you continue to use it and incompetence huge variety of modern operating systems, a change in thinking to let him become a super "hardware" router it, without monitor, mouse, keyboard, as long as the chassis of the East, of course, have an Ethernet card.

BBIagent is a free router software, through which we can be an ordinary computer is set to 486 routers, all LAN users to share a broadband connection to access the Internet. It also has a firewall, can effectively prevent hacking computer in the LAN. BBIagent now support a variety of popular networking, such as: PPPoE, PPTP, PPPoATM, PPP, DHCP and a fixed IP address, it built a DNS and DHCP server, LAN computer to avoid complicated settings in the Internet. And the software is very small, a 1.44MB floppy disk can hold BBIagent. Using this system router hardware configuration requirements are as follows:

486 central processor or better
8 MB or more memory
1.44 MB floppy disk drive
Network card (LAN connection)
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