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  CentOS6 5 Configure SSH password Free
  Add Date : 2017-08-31      
  CentOS 6.5 Configure SSH password Free

Create a new user: useradd Hadoop
Set a password: passwd hadoop, enter the password you want, and then switch user su hadoop
Modify the host name: After vim / etc / sysconfig / network, join hostname master, log off the system to see the changes successfully
Modify the hosts file: vim / etc / hosts master slave1
Free ssh login to view the ssh:
[Hadoop @ master ~] $ rpm -qa | grep ssh
I have found that have been installed, and if there is no installation, use yum install ssh (lack of it)
Modify / etc / ssh / sshd_config RSAAuthentication yesPubkeyAuthentication yesAuthorizedKeysFile .ssh / authorized_keys
This enabled three lines, and then restart the service sshd restart
Configure now no password [hadoop @ master ~] $ cd / home / hadoop /
[Hadoop @ master ~] $ ssh-keygen -t rsa way to enter [hadoop @ master ~] $ cd .ssh /
[Hadoop @ master .ssh] $ cp id_rsa.pub authorized_keys
[Hadoop @ master .ssh] $ chmod 600 authorized_keys
Copy the authorized_keys be no secret to other machines [hadoop @ master ~] $ scp authorized_keys root@ /home/hadoop/.ssh To root privileges in the past, otherwise it will go wrong

Setting .ssh directory permissions chmod 700 -R .ssh
If each machine you want to have no password, and then add each machine generated key to a file (which is executed in a controlled end loom above)
cat id_rsa.pub >> .ssh / authorized_keys

You can now log on from master to Free slave1, so if you want to log on to Free from slave1 master, also need to perform scp authorized_keys root@ on slave1: After /home/hadoop/.ssh/ copy files to the master, the master implementation of the above: cat id_rsa.pub >> .ssh / authorized_keys
So either from master to slave1, but also from slave1 to master, are password-free login

For example, after the success of my configuration interface as follows: [hadoop @ master ~] $ clear
[Hadoop @ master ~] $ ssh slave1
Last login: Mon Nov 3 13:33:02 2014 from
[Hadoop @ slave1 ~] $ ssh master
Last login: Mon Nov 3 13:33:06 2014 from
[Hadoop @ master ~] $

If this login failures encountered: I use centos version 6.5, centos6.5 network management is quite strict and needs to close selinux in the original basis, to the next / etc / selinux / config, modify the SELINUX = enforcing SELINUX = disabled, restart the machine, ok.
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