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  CentOS7 installation GAMIT and GMT
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Linux version updated each time you need to reinstall, but the process has not changed substantially, now the CentOS 7 installation GAMIT carding process and GMT as follows:


1, CentOS 7,64 system, using liveCD installation.

2, add Chinese input method options (not installed by default ibus)

3, third-party software add EPEL Source:

yum install epel-release

4, multi-threaded download software to install yum:

yum install yum-axelget

5, the software update source: yum update; reboot the computer.

6, install the compiler:

yum install gcc

yum install gcc-c ++

yum install gcc-gfortran

7, the installation libX11-dev

Install GMIIT / GLOBK 10.6

1, in the terminal,. / Install_software can.

2, add GAMIT environment variable to the .bashrc file, and then execute the command source.

gg = '/ home / zhao / programs / gamit106'

PATH = "$ gg / com: $ gg / gamit / bin: $ gg / kf / bin: $ PATH" && export PATH

HELP_DIR = "$ gg / help /" && export HELP_DIR


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