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  CentOS7 installed VMware 10
  Add Date : 2016-05-18      
  This article describes the installation for everyone on CentOS 7 Vmware 10.0.3, the installation does not work correctly after VMware 10.0.3 In CentOS 7 in fact, this is mainly because the kernel CentOS 7 to a lower version of kernel 3.10.

To run the vm requires gcc, kernel, kernel-devel, kernel-headers these components.

With warehouse line installation can yum install -y.

To properly install and run VMware 10.0.3 must perform the following steps in the CentOS 7:

1. Make the / usr / lib / vmware / modules / source directory

cd / usr / lib / vmware / modules / source

2. Extract vmnet.tar

tar -xvf vmnet.tar

3. Go to vmnet-only directory

cd vmnet-only

4. Edit the file filter.c

vi filter.c

The 206 line and 259 line




5. Back to the parent directory

cd ../

6. Re-Compressed Folders

tar -uvf vmnet.tar vmnet-only

7. Remove the old directory

rm -fr vmnet-only

8. VMware to reopen
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