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  CentOS 5.11 Open VNC access
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Because in some cases, need to use the Linux desktop environment, such as the Oracle installation and configuration requires a graphical interface.
By default, we have installed installed the Gnome desktop environment
yum -y install vncserver

Configuring vncserver, in / etc / sysconfig / vncserver new
VNCSERVERS = "1: root"
VNCSERVERARGS [1] = "- geometry 1024x768 -alwaysshared -depth 24"

Configuring VNC connection password

VNC initialization settings
Then configure
vim .vnc / xstartup
#twm & # Comment this
gnome-session & # add this

By default, twm is a very small graphic interface is completely in line with our operational requirements
Then start the service

service vncserver start; chkconfig vncserver on
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