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  CentOS 5.3 under broadcom NIC dual activation issues
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Some time ago the company brought up an industrial control panels, to Cece this board under Windows river CentOS is normal, see if it is less driven or has no compatibility issues.

    First installed a XP system, after testing various board up and running as usual. Then begins loading CentOS, the installation process is also easy. After CentOS installed, plug the Internet cable into the system found ping nowhere Gateway, is it not the network card driver? But can be clearly seen in the GNOME network management card model is BCM5787M, two NIC's MAC address read out, that drive should be normal ah. Industrial control panels are dual port NICs, does broadcom card can only be inserted in the mouth of the main card? So the network cable plugged into a network port on another tried, router network port lights and the lights are properly lit, the card can be activated normally, the command service network restart restart card services is also normal, but I could ping nowhere. Enter the command ifconfig to see the status of the card, carefully looked a long time found a few really RUNNING That card does not work.

    I could not drive? Broadcom's official website to try to find a new version of the NIC driver, looking for a long time I found this card driver or last updated in 2008, the amount of that god, the driver update rate of bursts and Realtek updated driver really did not compare. Down under a try, really useless. Switch to the windows and then try the card and found a very fast hardware phenomenon: IPC board two Ethernet ports, regardless of the network cable into a network port which, in the network neighborhood inside the display to connect and disconnect the two Ethernet ports no changes previously used those dual NIC IPC board which can distinguish between good and bad mouth open, which is connected to the port. Opinion should be broadcom driver made a dumbfounding friendly design ---- whatever you insert two network cable network port mouth which, anyway, I see this is the default network port communicating! Is Linux driver under also have a similar problem?

    Switch to the CentOS, directly modify / etc / sysconfig / network-script / below ech0 file, found that no matter how set how modifications, how to change the network port or see eth0 NIC other parameters ifconfig everything is normal, except that no RUNNING is ping nowhere route. Really think of any other way to the back, holding the dead horse as a live horse medicine attitude, tried to shut eth0, eth1 configured the IP address and other parameters, then eth1 starting up, I discovered the ping pass! After a simple test eth1 network functions all normal, and even change the network cable into the network port to another on eth1 are still strong and the normal work! Exchange eth0, then immediately lie nest, and this card really people speechless.

    Broadcom had wanted to try this in other Linux CentOS system is like this weird, because of the time to give up. It seems hard drive under Linux still has a long way to go ah, very smart card under windows, appeared to Linux so ironic question, this problem than Linux system does not drive even more uncomfortable.
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