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  CentOS 6.5 dual card configuration, one of the external network, a local area network connection
  Add Date : 2017-04-13      
  CentOS 6.5 on a dual-NIC configuration external network a LAN connection

1, configure DNS

Modify the corresponding network card DNS configuration files
# Vi /etc/resolv.conf
Modify the following, you can set up multiple:



2, the configuration of the gateway external network card
Modify the configuration file of the gateway
[Root @ centos] # vi / etc / sysconfig / network

Modify the following
NETWORKING = yes (indicate whether the system is using the network, usually set to yes. If set to no, you can not use the network, and many system services will not start)
HOSTNAME = centos (set the host name of the machine, where you want to set the hostname and / etc / hosts in the host name corresponding to the set)
GATEWAY = (Note: This must be configured as a gateway external network card)

3, configure the IP address

Modify the configuration file corresponding to the IP address of the network card
# Vi / etc / sysconfig / network-scripts / ifcfg-eth0

Modify the following

DEVICE = eth0 # description of the card corresponding device alias, such as ifcfg-eth0 file it eth0, Dell servers generally: em1, em2
BOOTPROTO = static # set the card to obtain ip address ways possible options for static, dhcp or bootp, corresponding to the specified static ip address, obtained by the dhcp ip protocol address, obtained by the protocol ip address bootp
BROADCAST = # corresponding subnet broadcast address
HWADDR = 00: 07: E9: 05: E8: B4 # corresponding to the physical address of the network card
IPADDR = # If the card is set to obtain ip address is static manner specified, this field specifies the network card on the corresponding ip address

GATEWAY = # Note: The network card must be empty here, otherwise the two network cards at the same time not enabled on the external network
NETMASK = # netmask corresponding card
NETWORK = # NIC corresponding network address
ONBOOT = yes # When the system is set to start this network interface is set to yes, when the system starts to activate this device

4, restart the network configuration
# Service network restart
# /etc/init.d/network Restart
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