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  CentOS 6.5 install Firefox
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Because Linux is a new school

Installed CentOS can be said that loopholes in itself is very simple, you can order a few packed firefox, I even toss four hours before installed.

And still help me troubleshoot the group of friends, it can be successfully installed. White really need to learn.

The following is the error occurs during installation, as well as solutions.

 centos applications I installed did not actually internet options

 Like Windows is similar to IE's browser below.

 Finally he refused to concede defeat, Baidu for a long time and found that the command line you can use elinks open the page, but elinks support for Chinese is not very good, did many measures, still can not change the fate of garbled.

Or a friend to save the farm.

1. First check whether the network is unobstructed (PS: This is certainly no problem, ping through Baidu, elinks can also turn the page, just garbled ............)

2. Since the network is smooth, so as it should be executed

#yum install -y firefox as it should be, of course, it is a failure ............

Or unable to find firefox, so nothing to do

Ultimately to no avail, only to download a firefox installation package.

Final thought into the U disk, linux graphical interface can recognize. .

In Sao Ha ha ha you are too naive

Only to realize that the U disk boot disk. . Life and death can not recognize the file storage section, okay. linux really hard to get.

End-use tool to make image file, take the USB-CDROM only do so on a graphical interface to display the desktop.

It should be noted that the image file name, and be sure to install package files, or the installation, you need to enter the name of a special, more trouble.

 A friend told me, after displaying the file name can be performed at

tar -Jxf Firefox-latest.tar.bz

mv firefox / usr / local /

cd / usr / local / firefox

ln -s / usr / local / firefox / firefox / root / Desktop / (quite in linux to be a shortcut to the desktop, double-click can be started)

In fact, a variety of error is, alas

After performing tar -Jxf Firefox-latest.tar.bz, tells me: Firefox-latest.tar.bz: Unable to open: No such file directory live

 Then various attempts with friends, life and death can not find the installation package ah. .

Finally, the real reason, or because I chose to install the Chinese. folder under root directory are Chinese ...... QAQ

Finally, the use of a graphical interface installation package from / root / Desktop / shuttle to / root folder, the next step was proud purposes.

Finally got his wish to execute tar -Jxf Firefox-latest.tar.bz

However, due to my hand disability, wrong order, the mv firefox / usr / local / knock wrote mv firefox /usr.local/

After the cause firefox files disappear, ask friends, know, again tar -Jxf Firefox-latest.tar.bz, firefox appears

Finally the second did not make mistakes, executed

 mv firefox / usr / local /

 cd / usr / local / firefox

 ln -s / usr / local / firefox / firefox / root / Desktop /

Finally succeeded in establishing the root firefox

Realized my first visit to Baidu in Linux ...... not much to say, excited almost tears ran ......
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