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  CentOS 6.5 minimal installation and configuration VMware tools
  Add Date : 2016-05-13      
  Installed in VMWare above CentOS 6.5, the system will be some problems when installed vmware-tools, the following is a solution to the problem;

1, log on to the system, switch to the root account

2, configure the network

minimal version of the default does not start the network, so their allocation.

Configuration process is very simple, edit the configuration file vi / etc / sysconfig / network-script / ifcfg-eth0

You need to change two

NM_CONTROLLED = "no" # modified to no control does not depend on NetworkManager

ONBOOT = "yes" # modify the boot settings yes

NetworkManager is a network management tool full version provided by default, because the case is minimal and is not installed, so set


3, vmware-tools installation script to use perl, but CentOS6 itself without perl, so you want to install their own perl, can download the source code, or yum, the easiest way is to use yum

[Root @ linuxhost ~] # yum install perl

4, get vmware-tools package

Click vmware vmware-tools interface loading image

[Root @ linuxhost /] # cd /

[Root @ linuxhost /] # mkdir / media / mnt // New Directory

[Root @ linuxhost /] # mount / dev / cdrom / media / mnt / // mount directory

mount: block device / dev / sr0 is write-protected, mounting read-only

[Root @ linuxhost /] # cd media / mnt / // enter hung directory

[Root @ linuxhost mnt] # ls

manifest.txt VMwareTools-9.6.1-1378637.tar.gz vmware-tools-upgrader-64

run_upgrader.sh vmware-tools-upgrader-32

[Root @ linuxhost mnt] # cp VMwareTools-9.6.1-1378637.tar.gz / root

[Root @ linuxhost mnt] #umount / dev / cdrom # off the device

[Root @ linuxhost mnt] #cd / root

[Root @ linuxhost mnt] #tar zxvf VMwareTools-9.6.1-1378637.tar.gz #-extracting file

5, install vmware-tools

[Root @ linuxhost mnt] #cd vmware-tools-distrib # to enter the file directory

[Root @ linuxhost mnt] #. / Vmware-install.pl # installation

6, attached to the final to be wrong

initctl: Job failed to start

Unable to start services for VMware Tools

Manually start the service

/etc/vmware-tools/services.sh start

See the vmware-tools-thinprint.conf being given, anyway, not the virtual machine to print, delete the corresponding configuration

rm /etc/init/vmware-tools-thinprint.conf

7, restart the service, to complete the start, but the newspaper

Blocking file system: [FAILED]

The investigation, install fuse-libs

yum install fuse-libs

8, restart the service

/etc/vmware-tools/services.sh restart

P.S. may report when the service starts Mounting HGFS shares: [FAILED], the problem may not be virtual machine settings to enable shared folders feature, enable the restart of the service is not being given.
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