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  CentOS 6.6 command-line automatic completion
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Ubuntu system with co-workers, the auto-complete function is good, but my CentOS 6.6 system to use sudo when it does not automatically fill the whole, git command nor completion.

Internet search some solutions are as follows.

A git can not make up the whole issue

Download git source

 $ Git clone https://www.kernel.org/pub/scm/git/

Find the git-completion.bash files are copied to ~ / directory

$ Sudo cp contrib / completion / git-completion.bash ~ / .git-completion.bash edit / etc / bashrc file is added at the end: source /home/yourname/.git-completion.bash


$ Sudo cp contrib / completion / git-completion.bash /etc/bash_completion.d/source /etc/bash_completion.d/git-completion.bash
Another way to get the git-completion.bash:

 sudo find / -name 'git-completion *'

So Linux file system in which there is a direct copy of it.

Two completion. Here that complement, not just the default path to completion with the file name completion feature, but the completion of the command parameters, with this after completion, in Bash which can complement almost any possible completion of Completion.

The default RedHat system is not installed, you need to install a bash-completion, it can be achieved. When you sudo yum install xxx, these words any of you are complementary input to yum ins and then press the Tab key and press Tab when you can complement install.

Before you install, execute ls in /etc/bash_completion.d/ directory:

git rpmlint
createrepo.bash gvfs-bash-completion.sh scl.bash
dbus-bash-completion.sh perf subversion
dkms pk-completion.bash yum.bash
gdbus-bash-completion.sh rpmdevtools.bash-completion yum-utils.bash


sudo yum install bash-completion

In view /etc/bash_completion.d/ the following files:

ant gvfs-bash-completion.sh rcs
autoconf gzip redefine_filedir
automake iconv rfkill
bash-builtins ifupdown rpcdebug
bind-utils info rpm
brctl iproute2 rpmdevtools.bash-completion
bumblebee iptables rpmlint
bzip2 java rsync
chkconfig lsof samba
configure lvm scl.bash
coreutils lzma service
cpan2dist make sh
cpio man shadow
createrepo.bash mdadm smartctl
crontab minicom sqlite3
cryptsetup module-init-tools ssh
cups mysqladmin strace
cvs net-tools subversion
dbus-bash-completion.sh nmap tar
dd ntpdate tcpdump
dhclient open-iscsi util-linux
dkms openssl wireless-tools
dvd + rw-tools perf wodim
e2fsprogs perl wvdial
findutils pk-completion.bash xmllint
fuse pkg-config xmlwf
gcc pm-utils xorg-x11-server-utils
gdb postfix xsltproc
gdbus-bash-completion.sh postgresql xz
genisoimage procps yp-tools
getent python yum.bash
git qdbus yum-utils.bash
gpg2 quota-tools

This time it can realize the auto-completion function.
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