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  CentOS 6.x and CentOS7 install MPlayer
  Add Date : 2017-04-13      
  CentOS 6.x
RPMforge (now called RepoForge) of the repo CentOS 6.x has smplayer, so a direct yum install.

$ Yum install smplayer --enablerepo = rpmforge

CentOS 7
RPMforge (now called RepoForge) not found in the repo CentOS smplayer 7, so the need to install the source code.

MPlayer installation usually requires the following three things:

source code (source code tarball file)
binary codecs (a bunch of binary decoder file)
a skin (skin)
Official website to download the source code.

$ ./configure --enable-Gui --language = zh_CN - enable-gui tell configure to run later MPlayer need a graphical interface, not just run from the command line.

--language = zh_CN tell configure to install the Chinese environment.

Typically configure fails because it requires some dependencies. It tells me what I'm missing just pretend.

Missing yasm, go yasm official website to download the source code tarball, a simple three-step:

$ ./configure
$ Make
$ Make install missing X11, yum install gtk2-devel, pay attention to install gtk2-devel, gtk3-devel not.

$ Yum install gtk2-develconfigure

By then

$ Make
$ Make install

OK, the installation is complete, run mplayer media file name in the command line in general can play.

Official website to download binary codecs, a tarball, unpack, get a bunch of file decoder, the decoder these files into / usr / local / lib / codecs / Lane. / Usr / local / lib / codecs if there is no next folder, then create a manual.

Official website to download skin file is a tarball, unpack, have a folder, this folder into / usr / local / share / mplayer / skins /, the establishment of a call after the default of a symbolic link, pointing to the skin folder.

$ Ln -s < folder name> default, of course, you can put the folder name directly into default.

If the player is no sound, then do it:

$ Yum install * alsa *

Install a bunch of stuff alsa-related, used to do I do not know, do not want to know, the Internet search.

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