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  CentOS ClamAV antivirus package updates
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Has recently been set up in the study of learning CentOS Postfix mail gateway for content, so that disaster recovery late-mail gateway platform to do some preparation, today to install Postfix ClamAV anti-virus package for installation of the update configuration section, we encountered a small episode.

When looking at specific problems encountered not a big problem, that is, before ClamAV version 0.98.4 is installed, the installation is complete, update anti-virus database or normal, but after a while children found then execute freshclam update virus database and found this error.

Then think about nothing, then update what version of it, perform Yum update found that finding out the latest version, then think yum update fails, then Quguan network to find the rpm package or source package it, but looking for a long time, the official website only found a link to download the source packages, compile and then download the make install, are smooth, but the installation is still prompted once again found that the implementation of version expired, it makes me very helpless ah, the Internet to find a third-party source of Yum found We have only 0.98.4 version, which let me Linux cabbage is still relatively depressed a little while, and then stop and think about the present, perhaps only one road, the official website and then look for it, ultimately, do not know how many points layer after the directory, in an obscure place to discover the source ClamAV installation package of Yum seems Me, download and install

Oh, I thought to update the results when installing ClamAV, also reported this error:

Follow the prompts, the wording should be the repo file in question to enter epel.repo file and found that indeed, baseurl comments and mirrorlist wrong position, this part, we can see before I wrote about the deployment of use Cobbler to install Linux articles there are also mentioned repo file comments error prevents Yum install software using the method below to modify and save it.

Modify the file "/etc/yum.repos.d/epel.repo", notes the baseurl canceled, mirrorlist commented. Can. Executive Yum install ClamAV command again, finally updated, see the latest version of myself:

After the update is installed, execute the command again freshclam update virus database, not the wrong version of the newspaper

View from the top is already updated, enter / var / log / clamav / catalog freshclam.log file

From this point of view being given, ClamAV anti-virus package we can not just focus on whether to update the virus database, or the need to ensure that the software update is normal when there are more than you use ClamAV version of the update, you'll get in the implementation of freshclam " your ClamAV installation is OUTDATE "tips, in order to detect the latest viruses, you not only have the latest virus database, or to update to the latest scanner.

Well, as is having trouble on a ClamAV anti-virus package to update the Linux debugging process I encountered cabbage, hoping to give other encountered this problem and is addressing this issue have friends some help.
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