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  CentOS minimal network is unavailable resolved
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Problem description:

CentOS minimal after the installation is complete, the network is unavailable, some common commands being given:

ping: unknow host xxx

yum: Could not retrieve mirrorlist xxx error was 14: PYCURL ERROR 6 - "Could't resolve host 'mirrorlist.centos.org'" ...

Cause Definitions:

CentOS minimal after the installation is complete, the default card does not boot from the start, regardless of the network there is no configuration (even complete network configuration during installation), you need to manually modify NIC configuration, restart the services in order to properly use the network.


Open Network Profiles

# Vi / etc / sysconfig / network-script / ifcfg-eth0

Set to automatically obtain ip address

ONBOOT = yes
MM_Controlled = no

(Or) set to a fixed ip address

ONBOOT = yes
MM_Controlled = no
BOOTPROTO = static
DNS1 =
DNS2 =

Network profile configuration item Full Description

TYPE = Ethernet # card type
DEVICE = eth0 # NIC interface name
Are ONBOOT = yes # automatically load at startup
BOOTPROTO = static # Enable address protocol --static: static protocol agreement --bootp agreement --dhcp
IPADDR = # NIC IP address
NETMASK = # NIC network address
GATEWAY = # NIC Gateway address
DNS1 = # NIC DNS address
HWADDR = 00: 0C: 29: 13: 5D: 74 # NIC MAC address
BROADCAST = # NIC broadcast address
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