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  CentOS network configuration 7, and set the host name and IP-bound problems
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  CentOS 7.0 system is a new version of Oh, a lot of my friends do not know is how to CentOS 7.0 system installation configuration Oh, because centos7.0 with the previous version is a great improvement oh.

Note: Up to now the latest version of CentOS 7.x CentOS 7.0, CentOS following describes the specific installation and configuration process 7.0

Installed after today I know centos no visual interface.

Enter the login page

Enter the root account Enter

Then enter the root password set-top carriage

Successful login system

Set the IP address, gateway, DNS

Description: After CentOS 7.0 is installed by default does not automatically open the network connection!

cd / etc / sysconfig / network-scripts / # to enter the network configuration file directory

vi ifcfg-eno16777736 # edit the configuration file, add the following modification

HWADDR = 00: 0C: 29: 8D: 24: 73

 TYPE = Ethernet

BOOTPROTO = static # Enables static IP address





IPV6INIT = yes






NAME = eno16777736

UUID = ae0965e7-22b9-45aa-8ec9-3f0a20a85d11

ONBOOT = yes # automatically enable network connections open

IPADDR0 = # Set the IP address

PREFIXO0 = 24 # Set the subnet mask

GATEWAY0 = # Set the gateway

DNS1 = # Set the primary DNS

DNS2 = # backup DNS settings

:! Wq # Save and exit

service network restart # restart the network

ping www.linuxidc.com # test network is normal

ip addr # View IP address

Set the host name www
hostname www # Set the host name www
vi / etc / hostname # edit the configuration file
www # modify localhost.localdomain to www
:! Wq # Save and exit
vi / etc / hosts # edit the configuration file localhost www # modify localhost.localdomain to www
:! Wq # Save and exit
shutdown -r now # Reboot the system
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