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  Change all child files and subdirectories in the owner permissions Ubuntu
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Ubuntu has two commands can be used to modify, "change mode" & "change owner"

That chmod and chown, which can be used to implement recursive parameter -R Change permissions on all subfolders and subdirectories.

1, use chmod modify permissions:

Do the same permissions to all subfolders and subdirectories Document / directory changes:

chmod -R 700 Document /

-R Parameter is that all files and subfolders recursive processing directory folder

700 permissions changed representation (only the owner has permission to read and write, and execute)

Document / is the directory to be executed

2, the use chown to change the owner:

All files and subdirectories Document / directory to perform the same owner changes, modifications, owner of username user users user group

chown -R username: users Document /

username: username, user group parameters users users must have a user group is not
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