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  Chrome plug-in management, online-offline installation, part of the plug presentations
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Chrome Extensions for Web developers is very useful, but may be due to the influence GW by Google web store online plug probability of success than the installation of grab millet harder .. And when reinstalling Chrome need to reinstall all plug-ins, it is Wasting time...

This article describes how to manage Chrome plug-in the way, we want to help.

First, the plug-in download mode:
1 can be downloaded from third-party sites crx format plug-ins
2. Due to the latest version of Google Chrome is not allowed to run plug-in non-Web Store, otherwise the plug-in installation can not be enabled If you experience this problem, it is best to download the plug from the Google web store. You can use this skill over the wall yo * _ *
Second, the plug-in management, without having to reinstall Chrome to install trouble widget
After a plug-in installed in accordance with:
1. Chrome account synchronization widget: Chrome need to register an account, log in the address bar enter "chrome: // settings / syncSetup", will go to "Settings" Advanced sync settings "screen, check the" extension "to sync plug-in to the cloud. After reinstalling Chrome using this account to log into the Chrome browser, as do the above arrangement, originally installed plug-ins can be installed automatically on.
2. offline download Chrome plug .crx file:
1) Chrome address bar, enter "chrome: // extensions" open extension interface will show the installed plug-ins, recorded on each widget ID
2) Open crx file offline download URL: http: //chrome-extension-downloader.com, enter the widget ID in the interface, click on the "Download extensions" button to download
3) the plug .crx file archives, later when you want to install the plug-in: 1 Open the expansion of operations in accordance with the program interface, the .crx file onto the interface to install the plug-in
Third, part of the plug-Profile
1. Web Developer
After you install the Web Developer extension adds a button in your browser toolbar, click the button will pop up a variety of Web development tools. On this extension tool is also very popular Firefox extension Web Developer extension for Firefox author
2.Chrome Sniffer
This extension can help Web developers to check the current browsing a Web site framework / CMS and JavaScript libraries. In the address bar will appear an icon to display the frame detected.
3. JavaScript Errors Notifier
After installing the extension, in the form of an icon in the Chrome address bar tips JavaScript errors.
4. Window Resizer
This extension can adjust the size of the browser window to accommodate various screen resolutions. This is useful for Web designers and developers can help them test the layout of the site at different screen resolutions.
5.Chrome Agent Switcher extension Proxy Switchy
Proxy Switchy proxy server is a management tool used in Chrome, ease of use (for other purposes is not to say) in between Netcom / Telecommunications visit you. Proxy Switchy can configure multiple servers, and can easily be switched at the same time can also be configured to use proxy access rule for a URL.
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