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  Common DDOS attacks
  Add Date : 2017-08-31      
  DNS has recently become a hot industry, from the open personalized domain names and non-English domain names, Turkish hacker control of ICANN's domain name, and then found that there are significant CACHE DNS vulnerability that allows hackers to easily hijack domain names. DNS beginning of the design deficiencies exist, now one by one began exposed.

Common DNS attacks include:

1) domain name hijacking

By using hacking password management control of the domain name and domain management mailbox, and then the domain NS record to point to the DNS server hacker can control, then add the appropriate domain name record on the DNS server, allowing users access to the time domain, He entered the hackers points to. This is clearly the responsibility of the DNS service providers, users helpless.

2) cache poisoning

Using the control DNS cache server, the user originally going to visit a website to other websites pointing hacker unwittingly. Its implementation in different ways, such as through the use of Internet users in the ISP's DNS cache server vulnerability to attack or control, thereby changing the response users access the domain name of the ISP within; or, hackers exploit vulnerabilities on the user's authoritative name servers, for example, when a user authoritative name server and can be used as the cache server, the hacker can achieve cache poisoning, the wrong domain name record into the cache, so that all users of the cache servers get the wrong DNS resolution result.

The recent discovery of major defects DNS is this way. So the only "significant" flaws, reportedly because the agreement itself is the design and implementation problems caused almost all DNS software such problems.

3) DDOS attacks

An attack against the DNS server software itself, often use BIND software program vulnerabilities in DNS server crash or cause denial of service; the goal is not to attack another DNS server, but to use the DNS server as the middle "attack amplifiers" go attack other hosts on the Internet, leading to a denial of service attack the host.
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