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  Computer security perimeter recommendations
  Add Date : 2017-01-08      
  Many people complain that too many Windows vulnerabilities, and some people even as it troubles one after another loophole. Therefore, this article briefly introduces you to how to put up network security defense.

The first line of network security: disable useless services

Windows provides many services, in fact, many of us are simply too unobtainable. Perhaps you do not know, some services are for the detractors who opened the back door.

Telnet is a very typical example! Let's first look at the service of Windows2000 is how explains: "allow remote users to log into the system and run console programs using the command line." You say, such a service, you need to do? My personal recommendation to ban the service.

Another worth mentioning is the NetBIOS. For his feature article not do too much introduction. In the past, I did not notice the service until I learn network monitoring and hide the existence of the service only to find a big security risk! So, as I propose to ban the service.

Windows there are many services do not do too much in this presentation. You can ban certain services (Windows 9x users can disable the service by the new version optimized master) according to their actual situation. Disable unnecessary services, in addition to reducing safety hazards, but also can increase the speed of Windows, why not do it?

The second line of network security: patch

Microsofe company from time to time will be some patches available online for free, and have time to go playing patch. In addition to increased compatibility, more importantly, plug security vulnerabilities have been found.

I do not agree that all patches are marked. Otherwise, it virtually increases the burden of Windows. In particular users do not have the relevant patch services, there is no need to fight! I therefore propose that the ability of friends can according to their actual situation to fight for their patch under the circumstances.

The third line of network security: Anti-virus monitoring

I have a profound experience: my anti-virus monitor to intercept a month at least three or more viruses while I'm online. Visible online virus too much. Accidentally, it will be infected.

I think the best choice of domestic anti-virus software. Some people like the pursuit of international authority, of course I do not deny the ability of the international authority of the anti-virus anti-virus software. However, I do not know if you have not heard of "Distant water can not put out a nearby fire" the Bible? Of course, the international authority to deal with the international pandemic virus is absolutely no problem, but to deal with their own home-grown virus? I am afraid that is not necessarily the line. Moreover, the international authority often also the existence of such two problems: first, the hackers all over the world to break the international authority of the anti-virus software, proud line of defense; secondly, the international authority of the anti-virus software will not be left for future wars backdoor it?

Anti-virus software is not used to listen to, nor take look! With the fundamental purpose of the anti-virus software, anti-virus! So, about the contents of the above please think twice. In addition, it must be set up and the time necessary to open the anti-virus monitoring by installing anti-virus software. So as to maximize its power.

The fourth line of network security: Network Firewall

For how to select the network firewall, I personally think that in addition to talking about the top choice of domestic brands, I also add this: select powerful and obscure products. Why should I? The main reason is for safety. The so-called great tree attracts the wind, those are all approved products is certainly powerful, but too many enemies. Every heard about it hackers want to break it. You say that such security also high?

Therefore, I recommend choosing a powerful but obscure products.

Perhaps you ask why I did not mention choose powerful and humble introduce a selection of products in the anti-virus software?

In fact, the reason is very simple, make a good good network firewall anti-virus software technology is much more difficult than making! You can think about now reassuring brand anti-virus software are all out through thoroughly tempered. There are international Norton, PC-cillin. We experienced a number of ups and downs? Not to say that anti-virus technology can mature overnight, so I did not mention choose powerful and humble introduce a selection of products in the anti-virus software.

The fifth line of network security: data backup

Data backup I do not want to say, but I recommend using Ghost backup. Conditional friend can burn the backup to disc. So that you can restore your data without if necessary laborious.
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