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  Configuring automatic mail GAMIT under CentOS system
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      

When using GAMIT / GLOBK software for automatic batch processing, it can be achieved so that the software feature to send e-mail after the completion of treatment. But many of my friends have not received the mail. That is because GAMIT calling mailx program to automatically send e-mail. In the following process.defaults file you can see the following characters:

# Most machines

set umail = 'mail -s'

# HP

# Set umail = 'mailx-s'

I recently realized in the next CentOS CentOS automatic mail. The following summarizes my configuration process, you can refer to later. When the initiate, huh, huh.

First of all, I have to do the following configuration in CentOS 6.5 operating system. CentOS advantage is that it is installed by default on the mailx program. In fact, as long as you configure the mailx program, GAMIT naturally able to successfully send your mail.

Modify GAMIT solver proces.defaults control file is:

# Most machines

# Set umail = 'mail -s'

# HP

set umail = 'mailx -s'

For CentOS6.5 or later, the above modification This step is not necessary, because the use of mail -s command actually use mailx program.

Test your mailx

Command in the terminal:

mailx -s 'Message Subject' # Enter the recipient's address input after the contents of the message, press ctrl + d end and send.

To their mailbox to send a message. If the "command not found", so that you did not install the mailx program, and quickly use the command:

yum install mailx

Mailx install it.

After installing re-execute the above command. Then if you receive the message, then congratulations, you (may be in the spam box), you fill in your email address directly in the process.defaults file you can receive GAMIT send you mail.


If you do not receive mail through the above command words. Try the terminal execute the command:


You should see failed to send messages.

This is probably because your IP is mistaken for a spam source. You need to get your IP address be removed from inside the spam IP blacklist.

First, check your external IP address, the command:

curl ifconfig.me

Then to enter the site to view your IP address you are not inside the blacklist.

If the query results are shown, then state your IP has been included in spam sources, and this will most public mail services (such as Netease mail, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.) reject your IP to send e-mail. Solution of course is to apply to their own IP removed from the blacklist friends.

First, click on the figure at the bottom of the link, the application will be removed from their IP CBL, the bottom of the page click on the link Jiuhaola newly opened. After about ten minutes to take effect.

Then remove the application (click PBL183882) in the PBL. This is too much trouble, you need to fill out some things. Also entered into force after ten minutes.

After the entry into force and then mailx -s command to send a message to yourself to try. Some people set up here should have been able to use the mail service.

If this does not succeed, then you use an external smtp mail it, this is the last program. I did. That is not the machine's e-mail address (user@localhost.localdomain), but to apply for a mailbox, the mailbox to send by e-mail. Recommended NetEase mailbox, configure it most convenient. You run to the computer to apply for a GAMIT mail address, such as CentOSPC@163.com, password centos1234. The following describes how to configure the mailbox as an example. Be careful not to use the mailbox to configure your own use, because below you will see them in mailx password configuration file is stored in clear text and unsafe.

Administrator, open / etc folder mail.rc, beginning on line 6, add the following characters:

#set for 163 smtp

setfrom = CentOSPC@163.com smtp = smtp.163.com

setsmtp-auth-user = CentOSPC smtp-auth-password = centos1234

set smtp-auth = login

After saving you should be able to use this GAMIT by mail sent you mail.
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