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  Copy U disk files to the Linux system on a virtual machine
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Copy the U disk file system to Linux virtual machine on top - "mount files (text + graphic)

The virtual machine operating system. CentOS (no graphical interface)

No Linux graphical interface, I do not have to configure the network, now need to copy the files to Linux systems above, I am here to use U disk loading manner, access to the U disk files.

1, set the USB properties in VMware

Edit the virtual system information

Three USB must check all information

2, open the VMware USB service

Remember to look at whether to open service to change the USB (did not notice, pits a long time to find out the reasons), my computer right -> Administration -> Services and Applications -> VMware USB Arbitration Service right click -> Open Service

3, plug in the U disk, USB connection

Select the VMware Virtual Machine -> Removable Devices -> USB- "start

Click OK

Join VMware icon lights up below represents the USB connection is successful

Or use fdisk -l to view the disk case

Here on the connection is successful, the following is the USB of the mount operation

4, Mount

Enter fdisk -l / dev / sd double-Tab to appear the following screen

Completion command, you can get my U disk information

Create a directory under / mnt directory (usb)

cd / mnt

mkdir usb
U disk mount / mnt / usb directory (note that the U disk partition is mounted) ----> here does not have access to mount U disk content directly

mount / dev / sdc1 / mnt / usb
Inside / mnt / usb directory to obtain the content of U disk

cd / mnt / usb # Mount path into
ls # view the file information

Copying Files

cp file name to the path
5, unmounted

cd / ###### back to the root directory
unmount / mnt / usb ####### unmounted

This has been the U disk file system into virtual machines
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