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  Detailed Linux su command to switch users Mistakes
  Add Date : 2017-08-31      
  1. Background
For security reasons, the general recommendation is usually in the Linux operating environment for the use of general account

This is because the root account permissions too large, often because of careless misuse cause system errors, but also cause serious system failures, crashes.

Therefore it recommends related operations only when you need to switch to the root account under.

su command to switch users operating under Linux environment

2.su instruction
Many friends in the use of the instruction, often using the following form:

Example: Switching from the general account to the root account moonlit

$ Su

So you do what is wrong with it?

We'll be comparing the observed data under the account before and after switching.

[Moonlit @ host ~] $

Execute the following statement before switching to view the environment contains moonlit variables:

$ Env | grep 'moonlit'

The display shows:

USER = moonlit
MAIL = / var / spool / mail / moonlit
PATH = / usr / java / jdk1.7.0_60 / bin: /usr/lib64/qt-3.3/bin: / usr / local / bin: / bin: / usr / bin: / usr / local / sbin: / usr / sbin: / sbin: / home / moonlit / bin
PWD = / home / moonlit
HOME = / home / moonlit
LOGNAME = moonlit

Performs switching:

$ Su


After entering the password screen converted to:

[Root @ host ~] #

Enter #pwd view the current path

/ Home / moonlit

Hey, how or in the moonlit account home directory?

Then enter # env | grep 'moonlit'

Screen output:

USER = moonlit
PATH = / usr / java / jdk1.7.0_60 / bin: /usr/lib64/qt-3.3/bin: / usr / local / bin: / bin: / usr / bin: / usr / local / sbin: / usr / sbin: / sbin: / home / moonlit / bin
MAIL = / var / spool / mail / moonlit
PWD = / home / moonlit
LOGNAME = moonlit

See it? Wooden environment has changed ah.

Because there is no change to the root of the environment, it may cause a lot of root instruction errors or invalid oh.

Want complete conversion to root users can use the following command:

[Moonlit @ host ~] $ su -

After you type the root password into [root @ host ~] #

#pwd about:

/ Root

Then # env | grep 'moonlit' look:

Oh, God, no horse.

# Env about:

This time the screen will display all the variables out more, do not list them, you can see the current home directory, PATH, MAIL, etc. have all but replaced the root variables.

Finally, you can release #exit to exit the current root user returns moonlit.

3. Summary
In fact, no - when the system is in accordance with the non-login shell way switch users,

And plus - when the system is switched in accordance login shell.
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