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  Detailed steps - GAMIT solver
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  A. Data Preparation

1. Update of tables related documents;

2. ephemeris download; at the beginning of the different stages of product // ephemeris is: igu, igr, igs;

3. The broadcast ephemeris download; // download fused ephemeris; generally based brdc beginning

4.IGS stations data download; // some standing on some servers do not need to download data from multiple servers; if the downloaded file is a compressed format o, required gamit software provides crx2rnx command format conversion;

II. Core Configuration Files


1.1 proposes XYZ locations of stations o the header file;

1.2 download ITRF coordinate framework document [ITRF2000_GPS.SSC.txt] from the site; there are under 84 XYZ coordinate;

1.3 in Ubuntu treated with tform tool to convert spherical coordinates;

2.station.info // Note that the antenna height settings

2.1 station.info download files from the Web site, there are various parameters of the antenna stations within a certain period of use;

2.2 from the inside a complete copy of the file station.info entry IGS stations, combined with local antenna used to enter a new entry;


Type of analysis = 0-iter

; // Iteration number of times [the results as the initial value calculation again]

Choice of experiment = relax // To position with high precision if the purpose is to seek relax behind the baseline adjustment with baseline..;

Zenith delay = N; // For short baseline


4.1 download sittbl.refined document, which has a recent evaluation of the reliability of each of the stations;

4.2 Production sittbl file, using the above file entry + stations precision initial entry position;

To high position accuracy is set constraints IGS stations smaller, namely that the IGS station has been very accurate, strong constraint, if the aim is to find the back of the baseline adjustment can be constrained IGS stations set bigger;

III. Solver process

Following is a bat file solver of:

// 1. To establish a working directory (the call to various files here)

mkdir workspace

cd workspace

rm -f *

// 2 o link file, sp3 file, copy the broadcast ephemeris file;

ln -s ../rinex/*.09o.

ln -s ../igs/*.09o.

cp ../brdc/brdc$1* eexample9. $ 1

ln -s ../igs/igs$2.sp3.

// 3. Links Related tables table file

links.day 2009 $ 1 example

// 4. Establish solver project

sh_makexp -expt example -orbt example -yr 2009 -doy $ 1 -sess 0 -nav eexample9. $ 1 -sinfo 30 00 00 2880

// 5 Track Points

sh_sp3fit -f igs $ 2.sp3 -o example

// 6. Check the g file

sh_check_sess -sess $ 1 -type gfile -file gexample9. $ 1

// 7 file establishment j

makej eexample9. $ 1

jexample9. $ 1

// 8. Check the file g

sh_check_sess -sess $ 1 -type jfile -file jexample9. $ 1

// 9 Generating observation files

makex example.makex.batch
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