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  Do not find ifconfig eth0 and IP address under CentOS6.5
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  After installing CentOS6.5, by ifconfig to see the IP to use putty software to achieve remote link, but found no eth0, only l0


(1) Enter the following directory: / etc / sysconfig / network-scripts /

(2) creates a file in the current directory and named: ifcfg-eth0

(3) At this point you can on the new file for editing, and add the following inside (individual items to be modified)

DEVICE = eth0 physical device name

IPADDR = 192.168.1.x IP address

NETMASK = subnet mask

NETWORK = specify a network to obtain the IP address and subnet mask automatically calculated

GATEWAY = gateway address

BROADCAST = broadcast address, IP address and subnet mask obtained by automatic calculation

ONBOOT = [yes | no] whether to activate the device at boot time

USERCTL = [yes | no] non-ROOT whether the user can control the device

BOOTPROTO = [none | static | bootp | dhcp]

Do not use the boot protocol | statically allocated | BOOTP protocol | dhcp protocol

HWADDR = 00: 13: D3: 27: 9F: 80 MAC address

NAME = eth0 file name

(4) After completion of editing: Press ESC and enter: Enter conduct saved "wq";

By "more ifcfg-eth0" to just modify the content view

(5) In the last line "/etc/rc.d/rc.loacl" file added "ifup eth0" statement

(6) by the method of step 4 to save, then restart.
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