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  Docker installation under CentOS7
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  What is the Docker

Docker is an open source project, was born in early 2013, initially within the company dotCloud an amateur project. It is based on Google launched the Go language. Project later joined the Linux Foundation, the Apache 2.0 protocol compliance, project code on GitHub for maintenance.

Docker Since open source widespread attention and discussion that dotCloud company later changed its name to Docker Inc. RedHat has focused in its support Docker RHEL6.5 in; Google is also widely used in its PaaS offerings.

Docker project goals is to achieve a lightweight operating system virtualization solution. Linux is based Docker containers (LXC) technology.

On the basis of LXC on Docker was further package, so users do not need to be concerned about the management of the container, making the operation easier. User Action Docker container as operating a fast lightweight virtual machine as easy.

The following pictures compare the differences between Docker and traditional virtualization approach, showing the container is a virtualized, direct reuse local host operating system, but the traditional way is implemented on the hardware level operating system level.

CentOS 7 under Docker installation and start-up

1. Enter su to root and enter the root password.

Installation docker

[Root @ localhost /] # yum install docker-io

After successful installation, start docker service

[Root @ localhost /] # systemctl start docker

The docker added boot

[Root @ localhost /] # chkconfig docker on

View docker information

1.docker version: docker View the version number, including client, server, and so dependent on the Go

2.docker info: View System (docker) level information, including the management of images, containers and number
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