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  Eclipse-4.4 crash problem solving under Debian-7.6
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Today the system from a Debian-7.1 into 7.6, then trouble will follow ~

Debian-7.6 under eclipse-4.4 crash because the current version of the glibc library is less than 2.14, and many software requires glibc> = 2.14 to run. Tragedy is the Debian version of the warehouse only 2.13 glibc, it can not be upgraded by apt-get. But there are other ways to get eclipse to run:

1. Before eclipse.ini add parameters in -vmargs


2. The SWT_GTK environment variable to 0.

Note that if you add a dash of the eclipse quick start, it must modify the system-level environment variables to take effect, just change the ~ / .bashrc if only through the command line to start properly eclipse. Recommended directly modify / etc / profile, add:

export SWT_GTK3 = 0

So far eclipse and can happily run
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