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  Execute command sentence can result in equipment permanently bricked in Linux laptop
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Last month, users Arch Linux forum Post a question why his notebook running a simple "rm -rf -no-preserve-root /" after the command is not completely started. There are Linux-based students should know, running this command is actually stupid, but generally does not produce any hardware devastating results. But in the MSI notebook, run this command may result in the elimination of EFI boot partition.

The posting on the forum user called "9233," he said in a message: "Today my friends and I run rm -rf -no-preserve-root command in a MSI laptop, because we want to solve the Arch installation expansion problems. of course, we can also format the root partition, and then reinstall Arch. "(he later raised a say, instead we thought it would be fun seeing the GNOME installation die ...)

In fact undermine the system path in / sys / firmware / efi / efivars, which are stored using EFI standard (old BIOS substitute) to start the required information. The folder is destroyed after the device can not start the notebook formal brick, it can not be repaired.

GitHub has also launched discussions over this, the developers have said that the EFI boot directory data should not be completely written. Run a command can make this brick hardware originally unreasonable. The current problem seems to only affect the MSI notebook, since it should also not many people dare to make such an attempt, it is also about no attention.

However, a permanent piece of equipment can be completely destroyed so easily, it is still a terrible thing to listen to, even if running this command itself is very stupid.
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