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  Experience CoreCLR stack unwinding characteristics of initial implementation on Linux / Mac
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  With stack unwinding characteristics, in order to obtain the call stack (call stack) information in .NET programs, to display the call stack information in the exception. Before this feature only on Windows have to realize, realize Linux / Mac on only recently added, using libunwind, see Merge branch 'unix_issue177'.

If you do not know stack unwinding, recommended reading C ++ Tutorial: Exceptions - Stack Unwinding.

Let's experience together.

Sample console program are as follows:

using System;
class Program
    static void A ()
        B ();

    static void B ()
        The C ();

    static void C ()
        The D ();

    static void D ()
        Console.WriteLine (System.Environment.StackTrace);

    static void Main (string [] args)
        The A ();
Corresponding code file named StackTrace.cs, compiled as StackTrace.exe.

Let's create the same console program in Visual Studio experience stack unwinding effect:

at System.Environment.GetStackTrace (Exception e, Boolean needFileInfo)
at System.Environment.get_StackTrace ()
at Program.D ()
at Program.C ()
at Program.B ()
at Program.A ()
at Program.Main (String [] args)
Then look at the effect did not materialize during stack unwinding.

Corerun StackTrace.exe runs on Linux, no console output.

# Runtime_linux / corerun app / StackTrace.exe
Runs on Mac corerun StackTrace.exe error:

sh-3.2 $ runtime_mac / corerun app / StackTrace.exe
Assert failure (unable to format)
SPOffset> = pUnwindInfo-> RSPOffsetFromUnwindInfo
**** MessageBox invoked, title 'Assert failure (unable to format)' ****
  SPOffset> = pUnwindInfo-> RSPOffsetFromUnwindInfo

Assert failure (unable to format)
FitsIn (pUnwindInfo-> RBPOffset + (SPOffset - pUnwindInfo-> RSPOffsetFromUnwindInfo))
**** MessageBox invoked, title 'Assert failure (unable to format)' ****
  FitsIn (pUnwindInfo-> RBPOffset + (SPOffset - pUnwindInfo-> RSPOffsetFromUnwindInfo))
Then look at the results stack unwinding after initial implementation.

On Mac and Linux running corerun StackTrace.exe results are as follows:

at System.Environment.GetStackTrace (Exception e, Boolean needFileInfo)
at System.Environment.get_StackTrace ()
at Program.Main (String [] args)
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