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  Experience RHEL7 new features
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  RHEL7 official version finally came out, got nothing to do, use a bit RHEL7, said the following about the new features RHEL7

1. File system changed xfs, ext4 support was still in

[Root @ localhost yum.repos.d] # df -T

File system type 1K- block mounted point Used Avail Use%

/ Dev / mapper / rhel-root xfs 52403200 949040 51454160 2% /
devtmpfs devtmpfs 499032 0 499032 0% / dev
tmpfs tmpfs 505432 0 505432 0% / dev / shm
tmpfs tmpfs 505432 6880 498552 2% / run
tmpfs tmpfs 505432 0 505432 0% / sys / fs / cgroup
/ Dev / mapper / rhel-home xfs 70719756 32928 70686828 1% / home
/ Dev / sda1 xfs 508588 98224 410364 20% / boot
/ Dev / sr0 iso9660 3654720 3654720 0 100% / media

2. The card does not start automatically, you need to modify the configuration file, but do not know why I'm going on my card going eno

HWADDR = 00: 0C: 29: 59: 5D: 88
TYPE = Ethernet
IPV6INIT = yes
NAME = eno16777736
UUID = 7e5321a3-9890-4fb0-a81b-d7f48c7795eb
ONBOOT = yes // default is no, it needs to be changed to yes

3. Default data to support mariadb, but after installation do not know how to start, hard to understand

[Root @ localhost ~] # service mysqld start

Redirecting to / bin / systemctl start mysqld.service

Failed to issue method call: Unit mysqld.service failed to load: No such file or directory.

Looked at the installation files, there is not even boot file is to manually create it yourself?

4.kernel direct upgrade into 3.10

[Root @ localhost ~] # uname -r


5. Various software packages also have the corresponding upgrade

[Root @ localhost ~] # python -V

Python 2.7.5

6. On the systems and services, RHEL 7.0 using systemd replaces SysV. Systemd sparked controversy Process Manager system administrators and Linux experts. Systemd purpose is to replace init system has been using Unix era, but enough in the process to start the process to more effectively serve the boot loader. The direct consequences of the various start-up command is not the same

7. Install a little experiment httpd

[Root @ localhost ~] # yum install httpd

httpd directly upgrade to 2.4.6

[Root @ localhost ~] # service httpd start

Redirecting to / bin / systemctl start httpd.service

[Root @ localhost ~] # systemctl start httpd.service

After the service startup command can not be used, changed the command to start the systemctl

The system default is to start the firewall

More advanced stuff later tests, have time to try CentOS7.
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