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  Expert advice: Do not use the computer security IE browser
  Add Date : 2017-04-13      
  Recently, the reporter found in known computer security experts BruceSchneier blog, "How to protect computer security," a text, BruceSchneier is the world's leading computer security experts, the current chief security technology officer at BT, he wrote too many of the computer-security theme works and tens of thousands of readers of his favorite books. In the "How to protect computer security," a text, BruceSchneier from five main areas described precautions needed to protect computer security:
First, turn off the computer when not in use, particularly the use of real-time user-Fi.

Second, if the use of laptop computers, as much as possible to bring him, as if to treat wallet.

Third, the backup is also very important, try to use CD backup computer. The best way to dispose of used CD is a microwave oven at the highest power microwave for five seconds.

Fourth, remember passwords can be now not much security, so long and irregular use of passwords is the best way, the password will be copied on paper, put it in a safe place, it seems to treat treat Like cash.

Fifth, the browser is concerned, do not use IE! Reduce the use of Cookies and set to automatically delete Cookies in your browser. "I've been using the Opera browser, he was perfect in the safety program design, I never worried about my browser is attacked." BruceSchneier said.
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