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  Fedora10 use Git version Configuration Management
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Git is a good use of version management tool, developed by the introduction of a version control tool when it is necessary here to be developed using the Git version management.

Since there is no server-side, where the local development time, create a local Git warehouse and managed code.

Since when installing Fedora 10 install Git a default, and here we only need to be placed into the version management and use Git command on it

1. First to be developed under the code directory, use the command:

git init

Create a Git warehouse

2. Then add the code we want to use the command:

git add.

3. We add the code submitted to the local configuration repository

git commit -s

In the pop-up to the document, write down the relevant instructions. Then wq save

This time our local Git version control on the establishment of good.

You can view the local version using git status changes

See evolved version of git log

View branch git branch

git diff. See Modify Point

git checkout. back uncommitted changes

git checkout -b Create a branch for testing, debugging and other operations

git branch -d xxx xxx deleted branches

Switch to git branch xxx xxx branch
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