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  File easier to compare tools under Linux
  Add Date : 2017-04-13      
  File comparison tool for comparing the contents of a file on your computer, find the same differences between them. The result of the comparison is often called diff.

diff is also a console-based, well-known energy output file differs between the two file comparison program name. diff is in the early 1970s, on the Unix operating system is developed. diff will put part of the differences between two files at the output.

Linux has a lot of nice GUI tool that enables you to be able to clearly see the differences between two versions of the same file or different files. This time I selected the five recommended for everyone from your favorite GUI comparison tools. In addition to one of them, the others are open source.

These applications allow you to see more clearly the difference file or directory can be associated with differences in the file, you can resolve the conflict, and outputs it as a new file or patch, which is also used to preview those changes and file notes on the product (eg, before, in the source code into the source tree, first to accept changes to the source code). So they are very important software development tools. They can help developers who process the file, stop and turn to the document. Compare these tools can be used not only to display the source code file differences; they are also applicable to a wide variety of text files. Visual file comparison feature makes it easy and simple.


Meld is applicable to a Gnome desktop, open source, graphical file diff and merge applications. Compare It supports 2-3 file while recursive directory comparison, in the directory under version control (Bazaar, Codeville, CVS, Darcs, Fossil SCM, Git, Mercurial, Monotone, Subversion) under comparison. It can also be manually or automatically merge file differences.

Meld's focus is to help developers compare and merge multiple source files, and at their favorite version control system can intuitively browse changes over the place.

Features include

Edit the file in situ, real-time updates
Compare and merge two or three documents
Navigation between the display of differences and conflicts
Use the Insert, change and conflict in these types of markers visualize the differences between local and global
Built-in regular expression text filter, you can ignore unimportant differences
Syntax highlighting (using the optional gtksourceview)
The two or three files in the directory one by one comparison, the new display, and replace the missing file.
Any conflict or difference compare files directly open interface
You can filter the files or directories to be ignored in order to avoid some of the differences
Been altered zone automatic consolidation mode makes it easier to merge
There is also a simple file management
Support for multiple version control systems, including Git, Mercurial, Bazaar and SVN
Before submission to the open file comparison and to examine changes in local content
View file version status
But also for the simple version control operations (for example, submit, update, add, move or delete files)
Two files inherited from the same file will be automatically merged
Show all labels and conflict on the basis of version changes in the middle of the pane
Display and modify merge independent unrelated to the same file
Read-only nature of the base lock file to avoid errors
It can be integrated into existing command-line interface, including gitmergetool
International Support
Visual file comparison to make easier

URL: meldmerge.org

Developer: Kai Willadsen

Certificate: GNU GPL v2

Version: 1.8.5


DiffMerge is a run on Linux, Windows and OS X, the compare and merge application software visualization.

Features include:

Graphical display of the differences between two files. Including insert rows, highlight annotations as well as comprehensive support for editing
Graphical display of the differences between the three files. (Under the premise of security) allows automatically merged, and the resulting file can be edited
Displayed side by side comparison of two folders, showing which files only exist in one folder but not in another folder, but also one of the identical, equivalent or different documents pairing
Rule settings and options let you personalize its appearance and behavior
Based on Unicode, you can import a variety of character encoding
Cross-platform tools

URL: sourcegear.com/diffmerge

Developer: SourceGear LLC

Certificate: Licensed for use free of charge (not open source)

Version: 4.2


xxdiff is an open source graphical can be files, directories compare and merge tool.

xxdiff can be used to display two or three files or directories difference between the two, but also to produce a consolidated version. Two or three files are compared side by side display, and a difference between the text displayed in a different color highlighting for easy identification.

This program is a very important software development tools. The difference he can graphically display between two files or directories, and files associated with the differences, which are those memo file preview and change the product (for example, before the source code into the source tree for first accept the change source code)

Features include:

Compare two or three files, two directories, or (shallow or recursive)
Lateral highlight differences
Interactive document merging, visual output and save
Comments can be secondary merge / Regulatory
When not automatically merge file merge CVS conflict, and two files are displayed in order to resolve the conflict
Can be calculated using other programs compare differences: for GNU diff, SGI diff and ClearCase of cleardiff, and all these programs with similar output file comparison program.
You can use the resource file for complete personalization
He feels Rudy Wortel and SGI's xdiff or almost nothing to do with the desktop
Function and outputs can be easily integrated and scripts

URL: furius.ca/xxdiff

Developer: Martin Blais

Certificate: GNU GPL

Version: 4.0


Diffuse is an open source graphical tool that can be used to merge and compare text files. Diffuse can compare any number of files, side by side, and to provide a manual line matching adjustment can edit the file directly. Diffuse can obtain the version from the bazaar, CVS, darcs, git, mercurial, monotone, Subversion and GNU RCS database for comparison and merging.

Features include:

Compare any number of files, displayed side by side (multi-merge)
Line matching can be corrected user manual
Edit files directly
Syntax Highlighting
Support Bazaar, CVS, Darcs, Git, Mercurial, Monotone, RCS, Subversion, and SVK
Support Unicode
Unlimited undo
Easy keyboard navigation

URL: [diffuse.sourceforge.net] []

Developer: Derrick Moser

Certificate: GNU GPL v2

Version: 0.4.7


Kompare is a GUI front-end open source program, can the differences between different source files visualization and consolidation. Kompare can compare the differences in the file or folder content. Kompare supports a variety of diff formats and provide a variety of options to set the level of information displayed.

Whether you want to compare source code is a developer, or just want to compare the difference of the final manuscript document, Kompare is a useful tool.

Kompare is part of the KDE desktop environment.

Features include:

Compare two text files
Recursive directory comparison
Patch display diff generated
The patch into an existing directory
It can make you more relaxed at compile time

URL: www.caffeinated.me.uk/kompare/

Developer: The Kompare Team

Certificate: GNU GPL

Version Number: Part of KDE
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