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  Firewall - Internet Militarization
  Add Date : 2017-04-13      
  The political nature of cyber attacks are making the Internet becoming militarized. A security researcher said on the Internet battlefield, the government and opposition groups will be used as a DDOS attack for political purposes.

The Government seeks to suppress criticism and repression of opponents, they joined in the existing review process distributed denial of service attack (DDOS), said security researcher Jose Nazario at Source Boston Security Showcase session. In DDOS attack, a group accused of being used for malicious purposes botnet computer components, while trying to connect to a victim's Web site. The server can not respond to the flood of network access requests, we had to shut down or inaccessible. Nazario noted that in 2007 Russia launched DDOS attacks against Estonia in 2008 DDOS attack against Georgia, the Georgian government website attacks and military operations in Russia almost simultaneously. DDOS attacks against government interest is because this method is difficult to track promoters and sponsors. When a CNN reporter made contemptuous comments on the Beijing Olympic Games, it has also been the site of a similar DDOS attacks. Nazario said, "These attacks show was supported by the government." China and Russia are discussing cyber warfare program.

SOURCE Boston Security Showcase

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009, 6:00 pm-7:00pm

Immediately Followed by our Executive Reception

Make your story known!

SOURCE Boston Security Showcase provides entrepreneurs and start-ups an opportunity to showcase ideas, vet business models, and demonstrate their technologies to security experts, executives, venture capitalists, management professionals, investors, and other members of the business and security community. Expect to get hard questions and actionable feedback!

Who is eligible?

Entrepreneurs in the security space looking for feedback on their ideas, from top-tier venture capitalists, experienced company founders, and other successful peers in the security industry.

Security-related organizations that are less than 2 years old.

Technology start-ups that have solved security problems in a unique or interesting way, and developed secure products and services as a result.

There is no cost for companies to enter the showcase.

Participants will be provided with a 10 'round table and an easel. You may use your laptop for a PowerPoint presentation, use posters or signs, and provide reading materials for your presentation to hand to observers.
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