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  Five strokes to find out the IP address you want to know
  Add Date : 2016-11-26      
  With friends on the network transmit data to each other, and sometimes you must first know the IP address of the other computer in order to establish an information transmission channels with each other.

Then the other side of the IP address of the search how to get it? Such problems you might scoff, indeed, querying the computer's IP address, it simply could not worth mentioning; however, let you include a variety of IP address search method, you may feel reluctance. The following article on how to quickly and accurately search the other friends of the IP address of the computer, made the following several ways, I believe can be helpful to everyone!

1, e-mail query method

When using this method to query the IP address of the other computer, first ask give way you send an e-mail, then you can view the message properties, to get the mail sender's computer where the IP address; the following is the method the specific implementation steps:

First run the OutLook express program and click "Accept All Mail" button in the toolbar, the message sent by friends accept it, and then open the Inbox page, find the e-mail sent by a friend, and right-click it, and from the pop-up menu, do the "properties" command; then open the properties window, click the "Details" tab and open the tab page, you will see the "Received: from xiecaiwen (unknown []) "such information, which" "is the IP address of the other friends; course, if other friends through the Internet in the WEB mail to send you e-mail, then you see here IP his address is not really true workstation IP address, but the IP address of the WEB site where the mailbox.

Of course, if you are using a different mail client, then view the sender IP address of the above methods may be different; for example, if you use foxmail to accept a friend e-mail, then you can in your inbox, select the target e-mail, then click the "Mail" option in the menu bar from the pull-down menu, select "original information" command, you can see each other's friends IP address in a subsequent interface.

2, log query method

This method is used to chat on QQ real-time monitoring through the firewall, and then open the firewall logging, find other friends of the IP address. To facilitate the description, this paper to KV2004 firewall, for example, to tell you about how to search each other's friends IP address:

Taking into account the QQ chat with friends through the UDP protocol, so you must first set up a firewall KV, allowed automatic monitoring UDP port, once found data from UDP port access, then it will be automatically recorded. KV2004 firewall setting, first click the Firewall interface "rule set" button, then click "New Rule" button, pop-up settings window; enter the "Name" in the window text box "search IP address" in the "Description" text box, also enter "to search IP address"; then in the "network conditions" setting item, select the "Accept packet" check box, while "the other IP address" to "any address", and in "local IP address" setting item does not require any settings; below then click "UDP" tab, and "local port" setting key office under this tab page, select the "port range" option, then in the starting block enter "0" at the end of the box, enter "65535"; Similarly, in the "other ports" setting item, also select the "port range" option, then in the initial box, enter "0" at the end of the box enter "65535."

Then in the "when all conditions are met" setting item, select the "pass" option, while the "record" option "other treatments" at selected and "Rules Objects" Setting item does not require any settings; completed the top after all settings, click "OK" button to return to the main interface of the firewall; then select the main interface just created a good "search IP address" rule, and click "save" button, the previous settings preserved.

Accomplish the above settings, KV Firewall will automatically monitor the entire process QQ chat records, once you sent to other friends QQ information, then the other friends IP address information automatically appears in the firewall log file, in which case you can enter to KV firewall installation directory, locate and open the "kvfwlog" file, you can search to other friends IP address.

3, the tool query method

This method is query tool by professional IP address, to quickly search the IP address of the other computer. For example, with a search tool called WhereIsIP, you can easily according to other friends of the Web site address, search IP address to give each other's friends, and even search to the physical location where other friends. In search of the other IP address with WhereIsIP program, first start the program to open the search interface, and then click on the interface of the "Web site" button, enter the Web address of the other friends in the subsequent window, then click the "next" button so that the program can automatically contact the Internet database of Domain Name Whois, then searched from the database to the Web site address of the corresponding IP address. Of course, in addition to know the IP address, you'll know the exact physical location where other friends.

If and when the LAN To view a workstation's IP address, you can use the "network Assassin II" a tool like to help; if you run the tool into its main interface, and then execute "IP address toolbar < -> hostname "command, in the subsequent dialog box that opens, enter the name of the other friend's computer, then click" convert IP "button, you can get other friends of the IP address of the computer where.

If you use Oicqsniffer tool, then query the IP address QQ friends even easier. As long as you click the program interface in the "Track" button, then to the other friend to send an QQ message, then the tool will automatically Oicqsniffer other friends IP address and port number displayed. In addition, there are many you can find the IP address of the professional tools to choose from, such as IPsniper software.

4. command query method

This method is through Windows system built-in network command "netstat", to find out each other's friends IP address, but this method requires you to think of a way to the other friends invited to QQ "two world", said a few words can. Here is the method implementation steps:

First click "Start" / "Run" command in the pop-up system run dialog box, enter "cmd" command, click the "OK" button, the screen switches to MS-DOS working condition; then in the DOS command line the implementation of "netstat -n" command in the pop-up interface, you can see exactly what the current address and your computer has established a connection (if the corresponding a connection status is "established", to show that you the connection between the computer and the other computer is successful); followed by open QQ procedures to invite other friends to join "two world", and chat with friends in which a few words, so that your computer will be friends with the other computers TCP connection established between the good; this time, and then run "netstat -n" command at the DOS command line, which look now added tcp connection, the additional connection is actually your other friends and UDP connection between to view the corresponding connector in the "Foreign address" will be able to know the IP address of the other friends.

5, Ping test method

This method is to use "ping" command to check whether the current computer communicates with other friends of the site, the address can automatically obtain the IP address of the other sites in the inspection process. For example, if you want to search the IP address of the station when SEOUL, you can open the system Run dialog box, and then enter "ping www.123.com" string command, then click the "OK" button in the pop window, you can know the IP address of the site. Similarly, you can also search IP addresses of other sites.
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