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  GAMIT baseline solution using batch were counted
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  1. File preparation

1.1 control file

Executive sh_setup or sh_links.tables command to list all the standard data file is linked to the project directory ./tables folder.

Then manually from the installation directory tables GAMIT folder copy the following files to the tables folder, and configure it according to your needs.

process.defaults: specify your computing environment through the documents, internal and external data, track file, start time, and the results of the sampling interval archive instructions.

sites.defaults: Specifies local area stations and IGS stations, how to handle the data station. To obtain the RINEX files from IGS data center, you should specify the downloaded stations in sites.defaults with ftprnx. sh_gamit will call sh_get_rinex download from CDDIS, SOPAC, UNAVCO all available data to the specified / rinex directory.

station.info: OK this is a new file (from SOPAC), and contains all the IGS stations solver when you need.

apr file: 2 file sh_gamit require a priori coordinate the project directory tables file under: lfile (updated coordinates solver) and * .apr (fixed coordinates). If prior to the coordinates of the station's previous deal with L- document obtained (or apr file) is not found, sh_gamit default script calls sh_rx2apr calculated pseudo-range solution.

. Sestbl and sittbl:. Edit these two files, set the proper parameter values to complete your analysis.

autcln.cmd: This file is usually no need to edit, unless an exception is encountered when processing data, or you need to set the output of ionospheric information.

1.2 observation file

Built in a project directory / rinex folder, and then the local data is copied to it; you can also specify the directory structure in process.defaults file automatically search for local and remote original file, RINEX file. Other directories GAMIT needed files are created directly from the script.

2. Start Processing

After completing the above operation, you already solver folder of the project was established with two folders: rinex and tables, and has the observation data and the table where the documents were placed.

Now you can perform batch solution Well, cd command to go back solver project folder, execute the batch command:

sh_gamit-expt $ expt -d $ year $ days> &! sh_gamit.log

$ Expt in which representatives of the task name, $ year and $ days is the year and day of the year list. Day of the year list can also use -s specified, the continuous process of days or use -r represents a series of days to process before the current date.

When sh_gamit script runs, it will step to the output of each screen, you can use "> &! Sh_gamit.log" way to redirect the output to a file. GAMIT.fatal can combine files and sh_gamit source code to find the key reason to run and failure.

3. Remarks

Auto Batch utilities available with include: sh_make_rinex, sh_get_nav, sh_get_rinex,

sh_get_orbits, sh_update_eop, sh_link_rinex, sh_make_sky_gifs. Help these programs can be run directly enter the program name with no arguments to get.

If you do not sh_rx2apr, you can set use_rxc = Y, applications RINEX header file coordinates process.defaults in. This option is only you determine the station coordinate header is always present in order to use and accurate.

If ftp is not (usually SOPAC or CDDIS) to obtain the desired track global RINEX files or files from IGS, sh_gamit solver will fail, GAMIT.fatal information will usually tell you what's missing files.

After failing to solve, when you need to re-solver day failed to pay attention to avoid repeated failure. Easy day is totally deleted directory and delete / tables directory L- station.info files and error log files.

If you are prompted to download the broadcast ephemeris or ephemeris error, usually it should be because you do not have ftp program.
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