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  GAMIT learning materials finishing
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  GAMIT10.4 installation (based on Ubuntu 10.04)

1, install the virtual machine VMware, Ubuntu10.04;

2, into the terminal and type: sudo passwd root to create a password for the root user and log in as root or sudo su Enter;

3, system updates, finished;

4, installed gcc: # apt-get install gcc;

5, install csh: # apt-get install csh modify bash as csh, restart;

6, the installation gfortran: # apt-get install gfortran;

7, the installation libx11-dev library support # apt-get install libx11-dev;

8, shall modify the bash, reboot, and set the path:

Back to the user's home directory, open .bashrc, add the following code to the last

export PATH = $ PATH: / opt / gamit / gamit / bin: / opt / gamit / com: / opt / gamit / kf / bin export setenv HELP_DIR = / opt / gamit / help /

9, gamit installation package in the directory opt / gamit / under

Enter the directory: # cd / opt / gamit

10, modify the contents of the file install_software: # gedit install_software, open install_software file, modify the "usr -name libX11.a" in the lower part of the file is "usr -name libX11.so". (Dynamic shared libraries)

11, run install_software: # ./install_software, prompted, enter Y twice after modification makefile.config, in / opt / gamit / libraries, the modification of a set of parameters Makefile.config

(1) MAXSIT 55, MAXSAT 32, MAXATM 25, MAXEPC 5760

(2) # Specific to FC5 (F6, F7, F8)

Then, type Y twice to complete the installation;

12, after installation, open the terminal and type: doy, to see if the program has been installed correctly.

(Note: after the installation of the root user, the user can not return to their own use,

Cause: The software you need to modify the permissions (chmod 777 software name)

The data preparation phase

(Personal understanding: This process can be ready in the windows, and then copy it to the time linux project folder)

1. observation standardization of documents:

1) observation file o file name to lowercase, observed in the file named general capitalized.

2) the observation file carefully check the type of receiver, antenna type and see if there is a corresponding type of GAMIT ant.dat / rcvant.dat, otherwise need to update the tables in the document.

3) high antennas and antenna measurement.

2. The need for data files downloaded from the Internet

1) http://www.ngs.noaa.gov/CORS/Gpscal.html query observation 0-files file resides GPS Sunday, an annual relationship between Japan and UTC.

2) navigation message file brdcdoyn.11n, precise ephemeris * .sp3 file and used IGS tracking station O-files data. (Navigation data file download autodoyn.11n; Note: The file name must be lowercase)

Table 3. Some common file specification

dcb.dat: code associated receivers pseudorange correction parameter tables; (baseline processing this file is missing the last one to be wrong)

antmod.dat: antenna phase center parameter file;

rcvant.dat: receivers and antennas name table;

guess_rcvant.dat: (if rcvant.dat no rinex header receiver or antenna model, will get the file, the user can change) (the file in the process will generate its own, generally do not need useless prepare) otl_FES2004.grid: GAMIT10.4 the tidal correction files, 696M

Note: The earth tide corrections and ocean load tide corrections :( See "satellite navigation and positioning technology and high-precision data processing method" p7-p8)

Earth tide correction: celestial perturbation (moon, sun) for resilient Earth's gravity the Earth's surface to produce periodic fluctuations, called tidal phenomenon. In less than 100KM of GPS relative positioning, Tide solid two stations is almost the same, the difference can be offset in the process, so this may not be considered correct.

Ocean tide loading correction: the cyclical fluctuations of ocean tides caused. And tidal similar, but an order of magnitude. Require weekly updates:

ut1 .: earth rotation parameters; ln -s ***

pole .: polar motion parameters; ln -s ***

Need to be updated annually:

leap.sec: Jump stopwatch;

soltab .: Sun ephemeris; ln -s ***

luntab .: Moon Star Force; ln -s ***

nutabl .: nutation parameter table; ln -s ***

gdetic.dat: all kinds of geodetic coordinate system parameters;

pmu.usno: ln -s ***

grid.otc: ln -s *** (this seems to have problems, GAMIT10.4 not in this document)? svs_exclude.dat: need to eliminate the list of satellites; (If not, the process will prompt waring, but can also be calculated) (Note: It should be every time you need to update the calculation of personal understanding)

vg_in: station coordinates speedometer;

autcln.cmd :( Note: If not, the final step csh btest1.bat data processing can not be normal) It is important to be prepared:

sestbl: Data processing parameter setting table;

sittbl: Station constraint on a table;

station.info: Station Information table;

lfile .: station initial coordinates (spherical coordinates); (make your own)

, Document preparation stage

1. File Structure finishing

test: project directory, in which are included below:

1) tables / table file storage of all kinds;

2) igs / storage * .sp3 precise ephemeris file;

3) rinex / store observation data file * doyn.11 file;

4) brdc / stored broadcast ephemeris file brdcdoy0.11n file;

5) doy1 / doy2 / ?? / store files and link files of each period solver.

2. The need to focus on four documents prepared

1) station.info:

Site record for each station, the site name, start time of observation, the end of the observation period, antenna height, antenna measurement method, the receiver type, hardware and software version number, the antenna type and other information. Edit strict accordance with the tracking station format has been given. (Note: To copy-station.info now under the current directory file, delete the contents of the left front lines, otherwise the subsequent steps can not be)

There are two specific methods of operation:

1, manual operation, in accordance with the appropriate file format alignment operation; you can start from a sample format for editing.

2, automatically extracting relevant information observation file generates station.info file.

In each period the file directory operations:

sh_upd_stnfo -files site1doy0.yyo site2doy0.yyo -orbt igsf -u -ref ../tables/station.info

After running the above command, automatically extract important information from observation files 0-files, the resulting file station.info.

I am ready to station.info file (Wuhan Guobo Feng):

1, rinex folder New folder all_station (store all points)

2, observation project file (o-files) copied to all_station, frame nets (o-files) copied to all_station

3, enter Terminal

cd test / rinex / all_station

sh_upd_stnfo -files * .11o -ref station.info (This file is a soft link files from ~ / infrequently updated table /station.info link to the specified folder, and only one header)

4. Check station.info file is correct

gedit station.info

5, the resulting station.info file copied to the folder lfiles

2) l-file:

Record approximate coordinates of the measuring stations: Gamit requirements are spherical coordinates, namely l-file. O organize all the files together, and then were run the following command:

grep POSITION * .11o> lfile.rnx

rx2apr lfile.rnx 2011 250 (Note: According to all o files x, y, z are averaged, the file name lfile.rnx.apr)

gapr_to_l lfile.rnx.apr lfile. "" 2011 250

I am ready to l-file file (Wuhan Guobo Feng):

1, rinex file folder in the New Folder all_data (store all points)

2, into the folder: cd test / rinex / all_data

3, extraction POSITION

grep POSITION * .11o> lfile.xyz

4. Check lfile.xyz file is correct

-s ../tables/soltab.2011.J2000 ./soltab.

ln -s ../tables/nutabl.2011. / nutabl.

ln -s ../tables/pole.usno. / pole.

ln -s ../tables/ut1.usno. / ut1.

ln -s ../tables/pmu.usno. / pmu.

In addition, tidal correction files are also error-prone file. In version 10.4, for example, the default file name is correct tidal otl.grid (This file is corrupted file) (former links are otl._FES2004.grid). Be sure to check whether it is true otl.grid link occurs dead links need to manually link. Command:

ln -s ../tables/otl._FES2004.grid ./otl.grid (I did not count the time to use this file, next try to use)

(Note: The link, if the folder already contains the file, regardless of the success of the link, to re-link must first delete the original file during the link.)

The data processing stage

A batch

1) Run makexp program to generate the input file

sh_makexp -expt test -orbt igsf -yr 2011 -doy 250 -sess 99 -srin -nav brdc2500.11n -apr lfile. -sinfo 15 00 00 5760

Or: run directly makexp, then follow the prompts to enter

2) Run sh_sp3fit script to generate initial orbital elements;

(Once due ut1. Link is not up to date, resulting in errors.)

sh_sp3fit -f igs15623.sp3 -o igsf -d 2011 250 -r BERNE -t -u

3) Run sh_check_sess script, checking satellite consistency;

sh_check_sess -sess 250 -type gfile -file gigsf1.250

4) Run makej program, generating satellite clock error file;

makej brdc2500.11n jbrdc1.250

5) Run sh_check_sess, check the consistency of the satellite;

sh_check_sess -sess 250 -type jfile -file jbrdc1.250

6) Run makex program that generates X files;

makex test.makex.batch

7) Run fixdrv program to generate a batch file;

fixdrv dtest1.250 (this step is carried out errors may occur, suggesting that

FATAL: 121202: 2337: 41.0 FIXDRV / armake: Invalid T-file interval = 10 27 2012 10 27 2012 --need either T-file or one X-file to run FIXDR modify fixdrv / armake.f file 2010 2099 or 9999) in this directory and run make -f Makefile recompiled.

8) generated batch file to run fixdrv

Csh btest1.bat before running this command to first remove GAMIT.FATAL and GAMTI.WARNING

Two, gamit Baseline Processing Quality Evaluation: (q test file)

A) standard RMS nrms solver result is about 0.25, if nrms greater than 0.5, the results indicate there is a problem (for example: no repair cycle slips; starting point coordinates of the station in question, etc.). If nrms less than 0.5 is considered successful solver, or need to check the reason, reprocessing;

B) See gamit baseline solution accuracy, the general requirements relative accuracy of 10-8 ~ 10-9

C) Check whether all measured sites are involved in the calculation

Note: If you have problems, need to see

1. Check station.info file: REC #, ANT #, HtCod

IGS tracking station antenna is high to the DHARP.

Outside the industry need to ask at the time of observation measure antenna.

2. Check sestbl file

1) elevation Elevation Cutoff (can not be 0 , according to specifications of 15 );

2) Choice of Observable long baseline choose LC_help, short baseline select L1 \ L2 Independent

3) other small errors that Positive
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