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  Git build a team development environment operating drills
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Analog create a remote git repository

1. First, create the following directory structure:

/ Users / hujh / Desktop / GitTest2 / GitServer / weibo

weibo is the project we want to create

2. Change directory

$ Cd / Users / hujh / Desktop / GitTest2 / GitServer / weibo

3. Establish blank code library (designed for team development)

$ Git init -bare

Normal is generally similar to the following results represent successful initialization empty warehouse

Initialized empty Git repository in / Users / hujh / Desktop / Git Walkthrough / GitServer / weibo /

Project manager initializes the local repository

1. Create a project manager the following directory structure:

/ Users / hujh / Desktop / GitTest2 / Manager

2. Change directory

$ Cd / Users / hujh / Desktop / GitTest2 / Manager / weibo

3. "clone" to the local code library

$ Git clone / Users / hujh / Desktop / GitTest2 / GitServer / weibo /

It prompts the following results:

Cloning into 'weibo' ...

warning: You appear to have cloned an empty repository.


Representative clones warehouse successfully, you can enter the directory through weibo

ls -la view the results as follows:

There is a .git directory, which is the repository of hidden directory.

4. Personal Configuration (because many people work together to demonstrate a machine, the daily development can be ignored)

$ Git config user.name manager

$ Git config user.email manager@163.com

5. Add .gitignore file which files are not included in the designated repository management

1) in the same directory .git directory and paste in the following command execution

echo -e "# Xcode


build /

* .pbxuser

* .mode1v3

* .mode2v3

* .perspectivev3


* .xccheckout

* .moved-Aside


* .hmap

* .ipa

* .xcuserstate

# CocoaPods


# We recommend against adding the Pods directory to your .gitignore. However

# You should judge for yourself, the pros and cons are mentioned at:

# Http://guides.cocoapods.org/using/using-cocoapods.html#should-i-ignore-the-pods-directory-in-source-control


# Pods / "> .gitignore

2) by ls -la view, you can see a generated document .gitignore

3) Run the following command to add to the code base .gitignore

$ Git add .gitignore

  $ Git commit .gitignore -m "Add .gitignore Ignoring Files"

6. Create initialization program

Use Xcode to create a project in weibo directory, pay attention when we choose to save the address entered weibo directory, Create Git repository of gray tab programming.

After the preparation and revision of the code, select Source Control ---> Commit to submit our code:

Operating in the pop-up interface, with reference to FIG. Explanation:

I did not choose to automatically push the development of the project in order to save time, you can check this check is not here to tell you how to manually push: Select SourceControl -> push

Then click push

If the push is successful, it will display push successful, push to a remote repository on behalf of this success.

So far, the project manager initialization warehouse project is completed.

Jackie staff to continue its development projects

Create Employee jackie directory

/ Users / hujh / Desktop / GitTest2 / jackie

2. Go to the directory of employees jackie

cd / Users / hujh / Desktop / GitTest2 / jackie

3. "clone" to the local code library

$ Git clone / Users / hujh / Desktop / GitTest2 / GitServer / weibo /

You can see the project files in the directory jackie

Then you can develop a project.
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