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  git checkout generated in the use of temporary br
  Add Date : 2017-04-13      
  Git a few days ago in casual use git checkout ver_hash command, the results are prompted to push to a remote repository everything is up-to-date, did not submit actual Shenma go ah! But you do have to see the local log update Oh! Later, when used do git st command finds old and red line:

HEAD detached from 548a7fa

Some research found that the current generated a seemingly temporary br:

* (Detached from 548a7fa) b7451ea v0.8 reimport the real exam

   master 548a7fa v0.6 added paging function

Each of the cats are git push origin master course can not update ah, because the master and remote database is consistent, but is old.

After know the reason is very simple to solve Bird, direct use git checkout master switch back to master br it, then do not forget to use

git reset --hard b7451

Cut command to the latest hash ah.
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