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  Git Getting Started tutorial
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  In git so popular in the environment, if not point to git-depth research, I am embarrassed to say he is engaged in the front end. Let us into git

I. Daily backup job

Imagine if one day your hard drive suddenly broken, then the results of hard work on the hard drive is not able to survive? If this is not how annoying. How to prevent a disaster and not let a basket of eggs destroyed, let us into git, let the results of hard work be safeguarded.

Each part of the job done, I go through git add. Git commit and submit once, before work every day, I'll pass git push command will work my local git repository git push to the company server, executed as step 1. Because the company's servers and git git off-site data center to establish a mirror, so every time I push the implementation of the division, it will automatically trigger the internal server to the external network server mirroring, equivalent to executing the step 2.

II. Asynchronous work

There may be several people at the same time to develop a project, or a person on a different host for a project to be modified so that it will form an asynchronous work. Like I was at home and the company of a project to be modified

Step 3.4 shows how this works I'm at home, I passed the first step of the project 3 image library pulled local (home certainly must have LAN), and then after the modification, 4 work submitted to the home of the repository by step. Why do you want to reference home here repository it? Directly mirror repository not? Not really, because the mirror is a mirror image library, you can not write. Command Step 3 is also very simple to use git pull mirror master it. Step 4 is a command git push home.

III. Modify commit

Many people may, after filing, will find themselves commit typos or is not well understood. This time on the need to modify commit. Use git git commit --amend directly modify the submission page you can enter the description, where you can modify the description any time of submission.

IV. Eat regret medicine

If you submit a submission should not be a lot of pictures a.img, this time very simple git can delete this file submission using git rm --cached a.img, git commit --amend can be achieved

V. progress saved

If there is an urgent demand, we need to switch to a clean work area, or when a branch is another, how can we ensure that the work currently uncommitted been preserved, git provides a very simple way.

git stash save the current branch, git checkout new-branch switch to a new branch. Upon completion of the emergency needs use the following command to switch back to the original command and restore workspaces

git checkout origin-branch

git stash pop
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