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  Git Installation and Configuration (Network Agent settings)
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Install git
sudo apt-get install git

Check configure git
git config --list
Or ~ / gedit .gitconfig

git setting agent (generally used for internal corporate network, if the Internet is normal, no need to set)
git config --global http.proxy ip: port
git Username
git config --global user.name "FIRST_NAME LAST_NAME"
Configuring email
git config --global user.email "MY_NAME@example.com"

Establish Bitbucket users and warehouse

mkdir / path / to / your / project
cd / path / to / your / project
git init
git remote add origin https: //XXX@bitbucket.org/YYYY/ZZZZ.git
git add.
git commit -m "modify"
git push -u origin master

The revised
Modify the file (git has been established)
git add.
git commit -m "comment"
git push -u origin master

git pull

git clone https: //XXX@bitbucket.org/YYYY/ZZZZ.git
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