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  Github Remote Assistance
  Add Date : 2016-09-20      
  1.Github Profile
URL: https: //github.com/
Key features
Gist: Managed code fragment.
News Feed: Follow the latest developments in the user.
Issues: transaction management.
Pull Requests: github main flow.
Unwatch: Notification of acceptance of a project.
Star: Setting a continued focus on a project.
Fork: someone else's project cloned own user name.
Repository: warehouse.
SSH: To use the remote Github generally will configure ssh locally, in order to avoid having to modify github github and repetitive enter a user name and password.
sh-keygen -t rsa -C "linuxidc@linuxidc.com" (- t: indicates the type of key you want to create, -C: add a comment)
ssh key: 88888
ssh-agent -s: Create key manager
ssh-add ~ / .ssh / id_rsa: add a key into the Key Manager (This step may be an error "Could not open a connection to your authentication agent" error principle is not clear if there is an expert who knows, there Guiqiu brother pointing .stackoverflow related solutions, but tried not good enough for me. my own solution is to use Git GUI to generate ssh key submit, subsequent operations can be conducted)
Id_rsa copy of the key to github the ssh key, associated with local git and github account: ssh -T git@github.com
2. The main command remote collaboration
git clone: ​​Gets a remote repository.
git fetch: Get all branches remote warehouse and data, but does not change the local repository version (HEAD, master) pointer, as you continue to adjust HEAD pointer (git merge / git reset / git rebase).
git push: push local data to remote databases
git pull: the equivalent of git fetch and git merge and operation
git tag -a v0 -m "tag for v0": create a tag, but the tag can not git push to push to a remote server.
git push --tags: push tags to the remote server
git branch -d [branch]: Delete branch
git push --deleted origin [branch]: Delete the remote repository branch
git push origin: [branch]: Use an empty alternative branch of a remote repository branch = delete the branch.
Tucao about it in windows systems running git bash really have a lot of bug, if there is to say two fellow human encounter will be resolved in me Please let us be grateful.
After running the command line too much, there will be the outcomes can not be displayed, you need to clear the screen after the implementation of clear will return to normal.
When a single-line message is too long to display completely, there will be input error bug.
3.github the pull request process
pull request process (key process github remote collaboration)
fork operation: a user that the user b A good warehouse, you can copy the current version with fork warehouse A to a user's name.
git clone: ​​a user will fork to download their own name to a local warehouse.
git push: A warehouse user a number of changes and improve the operation, to submit their own remote repository.
pull request Action: firstly difference autonomous, and then create pull request will be sent to the user to modify their own b.
merge pull request: If you feel b pull request submitted by a user is no problem, you can submit.
If the user b objection may also be a message informing the user a.
Get the latest version of the fork remote repository
git remote add [the fork remote repository alias] [the fork remote address of the warehouse]
origin remote repository own account (with push permissions)
The fork in the remote repository (no push permissions)
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